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Review of Seaflo RV Access Doors - Multi-Purpose Hitch - SE48VR

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Seaflo RV Access Doors - Multi-Purpose Hitch - SE48VR Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at the Seaflo black, 10 and five eighth inches wide by 14 and three quarter inches tall, multipurpose access door. Now this multipurpose access door will allow now easy keyless access to a compartment on your boat are your RV. So this is ideal for accessing control panels, valves, and wiring. You can just see just by rotating this latch, it'll open up and you can see it's a very easy open hatch door.

And if you notice it does swing open 180 degrees so gives you plenty of room to reach your gear. And then when you go to close it, you see the latch You just rotated a quarter of a turn. It is recessed. So it gives you a flat surface and it does use durable water resistant synthetic fittings and rubber seals. You can see the seal right here.

This will help keep your compartment dry. So when you close your lid, it'll seal it. This is a nice low profile hatch. It does mount flush. Nothing's sticking up, handle is recessed.

And the surface on this is a nice non-skid surface. See if I can zoom in and show you. If you look at there, it has a nice non-skid pattern to it. This will prevent slipping. If this is installed in the floor.

Now this is a strong ABS plastic construction. It does resist UV rays, road salts, and acids. Now the hardware to install this is not included. You would have to supply that. Basically you can see the holes already drilled in the frame here and then you just use your hardware to install this. This one here is a nice, bright black color. It also is available in a white color. We do sell that separate on our website. It is listed on this product page as a related product. I do wanna give you a few dimensions on this. So with it close, I wanna give you the external dimensions. So we're gonna do the width. So the external width on this is ten and five eighths inches wide. We do the external height is fourteen and three quarter inches tall. And then what I'm gonna do is go ahead and open the hatch and we'll do the dimensions for the opening width and height. So again, if we do the width, that is right at seven and a half inches wide and if we do the height is right at eleven and three eight inches tall. And again, just close it turn it and it'll lock it into place. But that should do it for the review on this Seaflo black multipurpose access door..

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