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ShockStrap Tie Down Straps - Trailer - 297-7RSBB-UTV Review

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Review of ShockStrap Tie Down Straps 297-7RSBB-UTV

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Shock Strap Ratchet UTV Tie-Down Kit with built in shock absorbers. This kit provides you with what you need to get your UTV secured in your truck bed or your trailer. Comes in a four-pack, I'm just showing you two of them today for demonstration purposes but these straps have the built in shocks. Now these absorb impact to ensure constant tension, even if your load shifts or if you're going over bumpy or rough terrain.This is an urethane based material that stands up to extreme temperatures, salt water, moisture, oil and most chemicals. It's held on there securely with sturdy grade eight bolts and nylon lock nuts and there is a safety strap on one side of the shock for two reasons: one, if the shock we're to break, the safety strap would keep the tie-down tight and your load secure. Two, this also acts as a limiter so you won't over tighten or put undue stress on your load.The unit features a commercial grade steel ratchet mechanism that makes it easy to tighten down the strap and maintain tension on the strap.

The unit features a plastic coated handle and outside release lever that ensures simple, safe operation even if you're wearing gloves. So, it's very easy to use, it's got a nice ratcheting motion to it. When you're ready to release the tension, that way you can undo the strap and unload your gear, you need to pull up on this release lever, open the ratchet mechanism all the way up and then pull on the hook and that's going to allow you to release the strap or release the tension so you can unload your gear.It's just a really nice, easy to use design. I also want to point out that the hooks on this unit, I really like these. These are 3/8" steel S hooks with wide openings, they allow for hassle free connection to anchor points.

That opening right here actually measures about 1 and 1/16 of an inch and the hooks have rubber coating on them. That's going to prevent scratches and scuffs on your gear, vehicle or trailer.The unit also features the retention clip so that's going to prevent accidental disconnection and then next to each hook, you'll notice that we have these extra straps right here. These are designed to create a soft loop so next to each hook is an integrated soft loop to use when the hook won't fit around the side of your trailer or in an anchor point or when you want to really protect the anchor point surface. You can wrap the soft loop around an axle, around the side of a trailer or around a handlebar and then put it inside the hook area and then you just created a really nice, soft loop anchor point.The unit's going to feature a corrosion resistance, yellow zinc chromate coating on all the steel components, which protects from rust and corrosion and it's not affected by extreme weather conditions. The strap is a durable polyester webbing, it's inaudible 00:02:54 resistant and withstands abrasions and water absorption.

The strap is black in color and then the accents are red in color. It is Department of Transportation approved. The strap measures an inch and a half wide by seven feet long. Safe working load limit per strap is 1,000 pounds, maximum load or break strength per strap is 3,000 pounds and please keep in mind that tie-down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit. The weight of the secured cargo must not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps being used.That's going to do it for today's look at the Shock Strap Ratchet UTV Tie-Down Kit with the built in shock absorbers..

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