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Review of Shocker Hitch Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Shift Lock Coupler and Set Bolt Lock Set - SHK64MR

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Shocker Hitch Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Shift Lock Coupler and Set Bolt Lock Set - SHK64MR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Shocker Hitch Gooseneck Coupler Lock Kit Set. This set is going to feature these two different locks that work in their own way to help secure your trailer. We have our set bolt lock that's going to make sure that our coupler is firmly connected to the outer tube on our trailer so that no one can come along and take the coupler off. And our shift lock coupler lock is going to help prevent anyone from connecting to our coupler and taking off with our trailer. So, both are gonna work really well to help secure our trailer.

These are each sold individually but we do have them as a kit as well here so, the way these operate, our shift lock coupler here, you can see the lock mechanism on the bottom. You're gonna get three keys that are the same. So it gives you a option to have 'em on different key chains and that sort of thing. So we're gonna give it a twist and then pull out and that is going to release our lock core there. And then as we pull these apart you can see we've got the two different pieces.

This portion here is going to have this cutout for our shift lock lever. So with a picture here we can kinda get an idea of how this is gonna fit. So this front piece will slide over, and with that opening there you can get that lined up with your shift lock lever. It's going to hold itself up as it passes, as we put it in place. And then the back side is going to slide over the back and the two pieces are going to come together, like so.

If you look at the bottom you can see you've got these little elbow, 90 degree angle arms that are coming together and that's what our lock is going to bite onto. So as we push it in it's going to make sure that those two pieces stay together. And then when we twist it, it's gonna lock it in place. So, very simple to do. Once we have those pieces all lined up, you can lock it in and then no one's gonna be able to hook up their own ball to our trailer and take off with it.

Our set bolt lock is gonna function a little bit differently. It's got the same lock core concept, but then it's got several internal components here. So the way this is gonna operate, you'll take your set bolt out of your trailer stem and outer tube, and then you'll put this rubber piece up against that opening where that set bolt usually goes. You'll put this inner bracket on top of that. And then they include a silver washer for you. And then once you have those three lined up you'll put your set bolt through, get that tightened down and torqued like normal, and so then this will live on that housing. And then you can put your lock core housing on like so, put your lock in place, get it slid up and twisted. And that's going to be very secure for you. Now, this does seem kind of flimsy and moves a lot but I don't have this actually on the set bolt like you will. So once you have that set bolt torqued down that's gonna be a lot more stable for you. It's not gonna move around nearly as much. So this is gonna be kind of like a permanent installation. You can remove it if you want but you'll have to remove that set bolt if you do. So this is gonna be staying on your trailer. Whereas this one, you're gonna take it off anytime you want to hook up your trailer to a tow vehicle. You are gonna get the three keys with each. And as I said this, these are sold individually so if you're just wanting one or the other they are available using the part numbers that you see on the screen there. So there are some limitations to this setup. So, with our shift lock coupler you're only gonna be able to use this with the 30,000 pound shocker gooseneck hitches that have that shift lock coupler. If you do, this will work great for you. This set bolt lock is only gonna work with the shocker gooseneck hitches that have the three inch offset and if you have the nine inch offset this will not work for you. So, if you do have a nine inch offset this should still work. The coupler lock will still work for you but the set bolt won't so you might wanna take a look at those individual options to get that set up. Both components are made here in the USA, so you can trust they're made to the high quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. They do have a nice quality feel to them with that powder coat finish. It seems like they're gonna hold up really well. Last you for a nice long time. I do like that the whole housing kind of blocks any access to that inner core. So, even if someone we're to try and tamper with it, it seems very, very tamper proof. So if you are looking to you secure your shocker hitch gooseneck coupler to your trailer and make your trailer more secure so you don't have to worry about someone hooking up to it and taking it off, this is gonna be a great kit for you. That completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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