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Review of SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 50 Amp Stainless Steel Power Inlet and Connector - SM96FR

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SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 50 Amp Stainless Steel Power Inlet and Connector - SM96FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at this SmartPlug 50 Amp RV Power Connector and Stainless Steel Inlet. This is going to upgrade your 50 amp, 125 volt or 250 volt RV set up, from your traditional twist type to take advantage of the benefits of the SmartPlug system. This is going to provide the inlet for you to mount on your RV. This does use these same mounting points as your current twist type inlets. On the back side, they do have those color coded knobs to make it much easier for you to get that wired up to your RV's wiring.

They do also include instructions to walk you through every step of that process, that you get everything wired up properly. Then your connector here, is going to a wire to your existing power cord. So you'll cut off your current connector, that's got the twist type connection and then get this mounted in place. Again, very detailed instructions to walk you through that whole process. They do also include your 250 and 125 volt backing connector here, so that your cable is going to be protected and water tight.

So if you're not familiar with the benefits of the SmartPlug system, they are numerous. So the first one is that it's going to be a straight in connection. So rather than having to twist it in place, it's going to be very easy to get that lined up. So if you are at your campsite late, getting pulled in, trying to hook up the power, you're not going to have to kind of guess where that cable starts to get it twisted in place. It only goes into one way, so it's very easy to get lined up and push it straight in.

So very easy to work even in the dark. Once we get it pushed all the way in, which is more difficult to do right now, without all the cables connected, but this, these tabs will walk in here and that's going to ensure a nice, solid connection. We do also have the benefit of the sleeve on the inside here. So rather than the weight being forced onto our pins, the weight is going to rest on the sleeve here. So the weight of the cable, plus if you we're to trip over it or kids we're to hit it while they're playing, that is going to make sure that the weight is pushed on that sleeve rather than on the pins themselves which with other systems could bend or wiggle those connections loose.

Those pins are a straight, nickel plated brass that is going to maximize your electrical transfer. It's actually going to provide about 20 times more contact than your curve system design. So it's going to have less resistance. It's going to allow that electric, electricity to flow through there very easily, less heat buildup. So really nice efficient option for you there. Our multi-point locking system, again, is going to ensure that our connection is nice and snug. Our cap can come down over top and lock that in as well. So we've got several different points there to which our cable is locked in place. And then we do also have waterproof seals to make sure that there no water getting in there, messing with our connections, causing any problems but then our stainless steel cap is also going to form a weatherproof seal on the inlet when we're not using that. So a really nice option for those of you who are considering switching to the SmartPlug system. This will convert your cable and switch out your inlet for easily, you can use the SmartPlug technology. All these materials are really high quality materials. Our external metals are a Marine grade, 3/16 stainless steel. The plastics are a UV and heat resistant resin. So they're all going to hold up really well for you. It's all made here in the USA. So you trust it's made to the high quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. And depending on your aesthetics on your RV, the stainless steel is going to look really nice but we also have a plastic, white, black and gray options available. So if you would prefer any of those, we have those available for you here at as well. So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with etrailer. Thanks for watching..

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