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Review of SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - Power Inlets - SM66FR

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SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - Power Inlets - SM66FR Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the SmartPlug 50 amp replacement RV power inlet and connector. Now, this kit will let you upgrade your existing shore power inlet and connector using the easy to install SmartPlug system. The replacement inlet and the connector will let you plug in your RV or marine power cord to hook up to shore power. It is a 50 amp female connector plug that'll plug into this male inlet.

Now, the connector plugs in without twisting and it'll lock in place with these side clips. Let me just zoom in here so you can see a little better. But here's the, you can see as I press in on the side twist, that'll wanna lock this into place. Basically, it's a multi-point locking systems. Ensures a nice solid connection.

So, when you push the plug straight into the inlet which is like that, when you push it far enough, those side levers will click and lock into place. And then to remove it, you just push in on them to remove it. And also, what's nice is when you do install this, actually your cord will be attached to this and this cord set will be already on there. And what's nice about that is once you plug it in, this cap will also snap down once it's plugged in. And that cap will actually hold that cord set in to secure the plug, keep it from wiggling out.

Now, this plug, these does use straight inlet pins to maximize electrical transfer. Has 20 times more contact than the curved design. If you notice it has a sleeve design. Has this large sleeve over it. Helps keep the weight and the tension off of the pins themselves.

So basically, the body of the plug will bear the weight and keeps the point of, points of electrical contact secure. And again, this is a nice push straight-in connection. Makes plugging in very easy even when if it's dark out. They do use nice triple weatherproof seals right here and right here on the cap. This will prevent water corrosion, overheating. And this connector does wire to your existing power cord, uses, using these included parts right here. Has a 50 amp 125 volt cord seal with an install tool. It helps the cord go in there. And it also has a 50 amp 250 volt cord seal that again, this connect, conical install tool will help the wire go through here. And once your wire goes through there, it would install right in there just like that. Now, on the inlet itself, these inlet mounting flange holes you can see right here, they do match the same size as the twist-type holes for easy installation. The gray cap right up here you can see, when you do close it when it's not connected, forms a nice weatherproof seal on the inlet when it's not in use. You can see a nice seal there. And it does include this silicone mounting gasket on the back when you go to install it. Now, the construction on these parts, the external metals are all a marine-grade 316 stainless steel. The electrical pins are nickel-plated brass. And all the plastics are UV and heat resistant. These parts are made in the USA. Does come with a nice set of instructions that'll describe how these parts all go together. And the specs on it again, the amperage is 50 amps, the voltage is 125 or 250 volts. But that should do it for the review on the SmartPlug 50 amp replacement RV power inlet and connector..

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