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Review of SmartStraps Ratchet Straps - Standard Strap - 348159

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SmartStraps Ratchet Straps - Standard Strap - 348159 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the SmartStraps Ratchet-X Ratchet Tie Down Straps. These ratchet straps are going to help to keep your cargo secure inside your vehicle, whether that's your truck bed or on your trailer. They have a nice, easy-to-use ratchet mechanism. Simply pull up on that inner handle there that'll open the ratchet out and then we can start tightening everything up. It has a nice grip on the handle. It's a little bit narrow.

My hands aren't super big and I could see if somebody had bigger hands than I would, they would have maybe a hard time getting in there and getting that cinched down.Of course, you can just put three fingers through there, but that's just something that I noticed right off the bat. Then if we open that mechanism all the way up, that's what allows us to pull our strap back out so we can get it pulled all the way out, get our hooks attached. It's the nice thing about these is that it does come with the hooks already sewn in there. They have kind of an offset design so they can hook on and then sit more flat, so that can help you get to more hard-to-reach spots, maybe a factory tie-down on your truck bed or something similar. You'll notice these caps on the sides of our mechanism.

That's to help keep out any dirt or debris from getting in there and causing any issues with that ratchet mechanism.The straps are made of a smart web webbing, which is going to be stronger and more abrasion-resistant than your typical webbing; has reinforced stitches at either end to help hold that hook on. And it does have a keeper strap around our extra strap that's sewn onto the end, so we can't lose that. That's always a nice feature to have that sewn in place. You don't have to worry about finding that little hook and loop strap. But it keeps all our excess bundled up so it's not just flapping around everywhere.

We have to figure out a clever way to tie it up, makes it easy to just cinch that down. We do get two straps with this kit, so we'll be able to get all our hardware or all our gear tightened down.The hooks are made of a plated steel, so they're going to grab on well and provide good strength for our straps. The straps themselves, they measure 1 1/2-inches wide and they're a total of 14-feet long. The safe-working load limit on each strap is 1,667 pounds with a maximum load or a break strength of 5,000 pounds. You want to go off with that safe-working load limit though.

That's going to be the number that's going to keep you safe.With both straps used in conjunction, that's going to double our working-load limit up to 3,334 pounds and keep in mind, that's with using both straps at the same time. So you want to make sure that any of your cargo is less than that 3,334 number. We do get both straps again, and this does come with a one-year limited warranty from SmartStraps. And that's going to do it for our look at the SmartStraps Ratchet-X Ratchet Tie Down Straps.

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