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Review of Softride Bike Rack Accessories - Hook and Loop Straps - SR54FR

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Softride Bike Rack Accessories - Hook and Loop Straps - SR54FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone, I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a look at the soft ride hook and loop tie down straps. So, you can use these for several different purposes. If you want to use them for your bike tie down you can to keep your bike wheel safely secured to your bike rack so it's not moving around, or you can use it for a hanging style bike rack.A lot of times that wheel is just hanging and dangling there, and it kind of swings around in the wind, so you can lock that into place by putting this around the wheel and then around the frame or the down tube, or the cross tube of your bike to help hold that in place. That way it's not moving around and it makes it a little bit easier to prevent it from whacking into your vehicle.You can also use this to hold up a pant leg while you're biking, so if you happen to be wearing some jeans, or slacks, or something like that while you're riding your bike, maybe you commute to work, something like that. You can use these to cinch up that extra material and keep it from getting caught in the spokes or from getting caught in the gears, or your chain, and mucking up your pants.So, keeps that secure. Just a hook and loop strap, so we'll have the loop material here and then the little hooks that grab into that and hold it really strongly.

We'll also get some little reflector pieces, and these are going to have a hook material on the back of those, so you can attach them to the loop material and hold that in place.So, that just creates a highly reflective surface on the strap to make you more visible at night. Alert other vehicles, other drivers that you're there. And you get one of those little squares per strap. Now, this is available in a four pack or as just a single strap.It's going to still come with that little reflector, even if you get this as a single strap, so you can utilize that to keep you more visible at night.The total length from end to end of the strap is 16 inches, but four of those inches is going to be taken up by the hook material, so the actual usable part of the strap is going to be 12 inches long, or about a foot.So, from here on back that's 12 inches in length. The width is about an inch, thickness about a quarter of an inch, and there's no stretch to them.

Just holds securely with that strap.Each of these little squares is about seven eighths of an inch on each side. And that's about all there is to it for our hook and loop tie downs. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right piece for you.Again, can be used for a lot of different scenarios, a lot of different options, so hopefully it'll get you out and rolling again. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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