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SportRack Roof Rack - Complete Roof Systems - SR1004 Review

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Review of SportRack Roof Rack SR1004

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the SportRack semi custom roof rack for naked roofs. To ensure that this is a fit for vehicle, you can always use the vehicle fit guide at This is a low cost removable roof rack system for your vehicle. It features a two square crossbars that are going to support bike racks, roof boxes, baskets, ski and snowboard carriers, kayaks, and a lot of other gear. That way you can get everything that you need out there on your adventure with you. It's a really nice design.

It's very easy to use.Now please keep in mind that it may require the SportRack short roof adapter for short roofs or dramatically curved roof lines. That adapter is sold separately and available at It does feature the adjustable rotating foot pads as well as an easy to use numbering system, which allows the rack to conform to your roof rack for a good fit. Getting the rack set up is quick and easy. It comes out of the box preassembled.

The numbering system corresponds to numbers noted in the application guide, which comes with the kit. All you have to do is find the number indicated for your vehicle, slide the feet along the crossbars until they line up with the correct number for your application. Then tighten the feet in place with the included tool.The unit does feature integrated locks here on the feet. These are designed to secure the rack to your vehicle's roof to help prevent theft. It also comes with two keys, so you place a key in the lock, rotate it, and that removes the end cap.

This bolt right here, is how you tighten and loosen this clamp, which is the clamp that goes the roof line of the vehicle. The included tool helps assist in that. That's a nice design as well.I also want to point out that on the bottom of the feet are rubber pads. That way it won't scratch or chip your paint. Also, at the bottom of that clamp or that hook it has protective coating so it doesn't scratch or chip your paint around the roof line of the vehicle.

Pretty simple installation. The four roof rack feet clamp to your roof and door jambs with the included clips. The bars are made from a sturdy steel construction with black plastic coating. Now that coating really helps resist rust, corrosion, and harsh UV rays. The weight carrying capacity for this system is up to 130 pounds.These crossbars measure 45 and a half inches long by an inch and a quarter wide by 7/8 of an inch tall. The kit is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. And again this is designed for your vehicle that has a naked roof and you can always use our fit guide to determine whether or not this is going to fit your year, make, and model. That's going to do it for today's look at the SportRack semi custom roof rack for naked roofs.