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etrailer Hitch Step - Swing-Away Step - 288-08400 Review

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Review of etrailer Hitch Step 288-08400

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Extendable Etrailer Hitch-Mounted Step for 2" Hitches. The hitch-mounted step makes it easy to get into and out of the bed of your pickup. It provides a nice size platform, which offers a convenient step at the base of your bumper. It also features an extendable support arm, which allows you to use the step with your tailgate down. This knob right here is actually a spring-loaded pin. So, we'll pull that out and then we can extend the platform, and that measurement is 7", so it extends 7" for better clearance.It does feature a really nice low profile appearance when it's not in use, and the assembly can be folded off to the side to sit flush with your bumper.

There's a knob here on the bottom. You just push here in on that . looks just like this one, and then you can rotate it off to the side just like that.The actual platform features a nonslip step surface. This provides sure footing. It's got a nice grip texture on there, and then the steel underbody makes for a nice strong, durable platform.

We're looking at a nice durable steel construction with black powder coated finishing on it to resist rust and corrosion, and then the extendable portion right here, this arm, has protective finishing on it as well, so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion building up and binding the operation of the extendable feature of the unit.To secure it inside your hitch, you will need to use a pin and clip or a a hitch lock. Those items are sold separately and available on The pinholes on this unit will accept a standard 5/8" diameter pin. It is designed to fit into a 2" x 2" trailer hitch receiver.The step itself measuring edge to edge this direction measures 9-1/4". Front to back is 5-1/2".

I also took a measurement from the center of each pinhole to the front of the step. So, you'll notice that there's two pinholes on the unit. You can use whatever one works best for your application. From the center of this one to the front with the unit in the retracted position is 15-3/8". From the center of this one to the front is 17-7/8".

If we move it to the extended position, it simply makes those measurements 7" longer, so from center of the closest one to the front is now 22-3/8, center of the rear to the front is now 24-7/8.The unit does feature a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Also with it in the stowed position . To ensure that your vehicle will allow clearance with it in this position, I took a measurement from the inside edge of our hitch to the furthest out point, which you can go and do on your truck to see if you have enough room for this, but from the inside edge of the hitch to the end of the step is 14". That's going to do it for today's look at the Etrailer Extendable Hitch-Mounted Step for 2" Hitches.

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