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Review of Stromberg Carlson Backup Camera - Dodge Ram 5th Wheel Tailgate Camera - SC97VR

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Stromberg Carlson Backup Camera - Dodge Ram 5th Wheel Tailgate Camera - SC97VR Review

Ellen: Hey, everybody. I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be talking about the Stromberg Carlson Rear Camera for your fifth wheel tailgate.So this is going to mount on to your vehicle whenever you are replacing out your tailgate for that louvered tailgate so you can tow your fifth wheel without damaging your original tailgate. And a lot of times you'll end up losing that backup camera. So you want to get that functionality back. This is going to allow you to do that. And it works specifically with the 2013 through 2016 Dodge or Ram Trucks.

So the only exception to that would be if you have the 360 degree camera system. This will not work with that just because it's not capable for that wiring, but it does plug directly into the wiring that it'd normally would be plugged into, or your original factory wiring that you unplug to take off your original tailgate.So pretty easy to get this installed. There is no cutting or drilling required. Just going to drop the wiring down. There's a couple of space or spots where it comes apart or another spot where it connects to the camera.

So that's the only connection you need to make there. And then that goes into your factory wiring. So pretty straight forward.So let's take a little closer look and talk a little bit more in detail about that. It does, again, come with that bracket to go behind your license plate. You can also switch this out for the smaller bracket that comes with the kit.

So maybe if you want to use this for the front of your vehicle instead, you can do it that way. It does come with some double-sided film tape to mount that, or you can use the included small screws, just little self-tappers pretty small shouldn't cause any real damage. And that camera's pretty tiny. So it should be pretty light. I wouldn't think you'd have to Mount it into anything to a strong and like my into metal also comes with another screw to go through and connects that camera to that other bracket.This one's just a little bit bigger, so it should be everything you need to get this installed.

As far as the basics, there are a couple of things that I would maybe pick up would be some heat shrink to go around this connection. And then also some zip ties just to bundle up all your wire. It doesn't come with that original from Stromberg Carlson, but we do have both of those things available here If you want to get that heat shrink sleeve and also some zip ties of various links. So you can check that out. One other weird thing. So in the instructions, they mentioned these little wires down here at the bottom, but they have them listed out as though they're already cut.And the reason why you'd want to pay attention to this is because this is what's going to control the option between having grid lines and if the image is mirrored or not. So I believe that the white wire gives you the option to switch it from mirrored to just accurate or dead on. And the green wire controls the grid lines. So with them being connected, I would think that neither one of those are there if you cut them, it will appear, did that. And that's basically how you select one or the other. If you cut it and then decide that you want to reattach it, you can always get a butt connector. You'd want to get the small pink style. That's going to be the 18 to 20 gauge wire butt connectors. We also have those here and we do have heat shrink versions of those.It's a pretty short amount of wire. So it might be a little bit tricky and maybe plug it in first, see what she got going on from the factory. And then if you need to cut one of those wires and definitely want to check the owner's manual or not, check the instructions before you cut either one to make sure that you get the right one. It doesn't come with the instructions. But again, we do have a link to that on our website here at So you can check those out. It's a pretty straightforward install. Other than that one little weird thing with that. So just wanted to point that out to make sure that you're aware. I hope this has been helpful in deciding this is the right wiring for you, and to make it easier for you to get it installed as always our goal here at is to give you the best information possible. So you can get the right part the first time. I'm Ellen with Thanks for watching.