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Review of Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - A-Frame Jack - SC63VR

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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - A-Frame Jack - SC63VR Review

Hi there I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Stromberg Carlson electric trailer jack. This jack is going to fit on to your A frame trailer. It's going to make it much easier for you to lift and lower the trailer. It does have a twelve volt motor on it to power that movement rather than having to have a manual crank to get the jack up and down. This does have a maximum weight capacity of four thousand five hundred pounds. So it should do a good job for you for a lot of different sized trailers.

It's going to have a total lift of twenty-three inches and that's including our eighteen inch internal screw here. And our drop leg which gives us about five inches of lift adjustability there. So we can drop that down and then crank up our jack to whatever height we need. This does have top mounted power switches here that will make it very easy for you to go up and down. Just with a touch of a finger there.

We also have lights. Large LED lights on the sides and on the front here. Those are controlled with this other switch on the top. So that going to make it much easier for you to get hooked up and disconnected. If you're working at night or in low light situations.

Also on the top we do have a leveling bubble. So you can see there. That's going to give us both forward and back and side to side to make sure that our trailer is leveled. The engine does have a built in clutch. To help protect the gears and the motor.

So it should be nice and long lasting for you. It does also come with an emergency crank. Just in case you we're to ever lose power when you need to operate the jack. Or something along those lines. You can lift up on this top compartment here. It's got a little cap on it that's kind of difficult to lift up. But once you get that taken off this will fit right down in there and allow you to manually crank it. Again, Shouldn't happen to often but it's nice to have that just in case you are ever without power. This is going to bolt on to your A frame trailers very easy to do. They include all the hardware. Everything that you're going to need to get it installed. There. They do include the star spacers. Star washers. To make sure that you are getting a nice good connection for your ground as your ground is coming through the jack frame. This also is going to include the electrical components Your fuse holder and fuse. Couple of fuses there. As well as butt connector and ring terminal. To get it to connect to a power source. This is a nice high quality jack. It's going to have a vacuum formed plastic housing to protect all the internal components from the elements. The black cover is painted black to kinda give it a nice finished look. And resist fading. You're also going to have a rust resistant powder coated steel. On this other black portion here. So that is going to be very strong, durable that black powder coat is gonna help it last even longer. Not have to worry about rust and corrosion That sort of thing. And then our drop leg here is going to be a a zinc plated steel. And it's also going to give us our five and a half inch diameter foot. To help provide stability. Make that even if we have soft ground we're gonna have a wider footprint there to have a nice place to stably lift our jack up. They do also include instructions to help you get everything installed. Put together correctly. But overall I think this is going to be great jack for you. Should be fairly easy to get installed you're not going to have to weld or drill or anything like that. And just very easy to lift and lower your trailer when you need to. So that's goin to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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