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Review of Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - Leveling Stabilizer Jack - JSC-30-IND

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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - Leveling Stabilizer Jack - JSC-30-IND Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at We're going to be taking a quick look at this leveling scissor jack. So this does come as a single unit. So if you're maybe replacing and has a scissor jack on your camper that's worn out. This is a great way to go just to get the one that you need.If you do want a pair, they are sold as a pair that comes with the cranking tool as well.

You can also find that here at, you would just need to use the part number of JSC-30. But what this basically does for you is it levels out your camper to make sure that it's a lot more stable than it is normally. Anybody who's been in a camper whenever it's sitting on the ground and it's ready to just hang out inside if it's not got stabilizers it can be really wobbly and feel like you're about to tip over and it can actually be kind of dangerous.So by putting these in place, it makes it much more comfortable to walk around and enjoy your camper, and also keep or make sure that everything stays level and stays in its place. Basically how this is going to work. It does have a little bolt on the end here just basically operates this big long screw.

As that moves out this way, it pulls the legs together and then vice versa. So that just helps to mechanically raise and lower your camper and pretty simple and straightforward.This does have a capacity of 5,000 pounds just for this single scissor jack. So that's how much this one can handle on its own. I do have the cranking tool here for this one if you don't already have it, this is sold separately. You can find this here at using part number JCH-one.

So the end of that just goes on the end of the bolt there, and then we can crank away.Moves really easily, of course there's no load on it right now. So it's going to move a lot easier than it probably will whenever it is loaded up. But still can see how quickly it moves up and down to lift and lower your camper. And whenever it's fully retracted or all the way down, it measures about four inches tall. Whenever it's all the way up as high as it'll go.

It's 30 inches.It does have the bolt pattern up here at the top. So we'll have our two flanges. I'll give you some measurements for those, from outside edge to outside edge of those flanges. It's about 10 inches. The width is about three, the distance from our mounting holes here to the same spot on the other side center to center is about five inches. If we go to these two holes right here, center to center between those two, it's about an inch and a quarter.And if we go to the two holes on the outside here, the distance between those two guys center to center is again about an inch and a quarter. So just to give you a rough idea of those different sized holes, if you go to the narrowest point between the two holes, it looks like about three and three quarter inches. The widest would be about six and a half, just going from kind of the inside to inside. And then the outsides outside of those holes.Again, just to give you kind of a different idea of what you can work with there. Does not come with any mounting hardware so you will have to provide that on your own, or you can also weld this on to your camper as well. That's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the leveling scissor jack, if you need any other accessories for your campers, we do have a lot of options available here at So check them out. Thanks for watching..

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