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Review of Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - Leveling Stabilizer Jacks 10K - JSC-30

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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - Leveling Stabilizer Jacks 10K - JSC-30 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the pair of leveling stabilizer jacks. These are going to help to keep your campers steady and stable whenever you're in there moving around, or just getting situated, walking around inside there. A lot of times, whenever you get inside a camper, if you don't have any stabilizer jacks, you can feel really wobbly and unsteady. It can actually be a little dangerous as well. So these are going to help to keep everything nice and level and mostly stable.

So we don't have to worry about it rocking back-and-forth or feeling like we're going to topple over or cause any damage to the camper. It does come as a pair of jacks, so get this one extended up pretty far. This isn't quite all the way up and the other one in the compact position. It does also come with the crank arms so you can operate those and make sure that you can lift and level them out pretty quickly and effectively.One thing I do want to note though, these are not intended to lift the whole weight of your camper. They'll just stabilize your jack.

So they're not intended to lift it up off the ground, they're just there to provide support so you want to make sure that you're not putting the entire weight of the camper just on these. You want to also be using the wheels and all that other good stuff. So just keep that in mind, they're not intended as lifting jacks, stabilizer jacks only. So let's take a closer look at how these guys work. Make sure that they're the right fit for you.

Between the two, they do have a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds, so each one on its own can handle 5,000 pounds. Again, you do want to be careful with that and not just put the whole weight of your camper there, but they will provide that amount of support.The way it's going to work is the drive nut here on the back, we'll take the crank arm with the socket, place it on there, and then just crank away to open it out. You can see it moves pretty easily. Of course, there's no weight on it right now so it's going to move pretty freely, but it should move freely as you are using it on your camper. And whenever you're closing it down, you just want to make sure that you get it all the way until that nut stops.

And of course it's acting wobbly because it's not attached to anything. As far as measurements with these, whenever it's completely closed, each jack measures about 32 inches long and then about four inches tall. We go to the top of the mounting flange there, the distance for the width of that mounting flange is about 10 inches and got several holes to choose from for that mounting plate so I'll give you a few measurements to use as reference.Between these outer most holes, center to center. I'm going to use ruler for this one. Between the two outermost holes it's about six-and-a-quarter inches, between the two closer ones it's about four inches. If we go between these two center to center again, it's right about five inches, maybe five-and-a-quarter. There might be a little bit of variance. It looks like the plates bow down a little. So as you attach this to your camper, it might draw in a little bit, so their measurements might change slightly. These are just rough estimates but there's also two small holes on either side. The distance reading on those long ways is about eight and five-eights inches. Going this way, it's about an inch-and-a-half. Here it's about an inch-and-a-half as well. So I hope that gives you an idea of that mounting plate. Whenever it's fully extended, the jacks measure about 30 inches tall. So whenever it's fully up, it should measure about that long and that bolt will stick out as it goes through or that's what drives everything, but it shouldn't ever be longer than about 30 inches.And I'm just going to give you one more measurement here to the end of that bolt, yeah, about 32 inches for that bolt. The foot is about nine inches long and about four-and-a-half inches wide. So that helps to spread out the weight of your camper, helps it to not just sink right into especially softer ground like mud or sand or softer grass and things like that. I hope that's been helpful in deciding if these are going to be the right stabilizer jacks for you. We do have a lot of options available here at and a lot of camping accessories in general. So check them out. Thanks for watching..

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