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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jack - Stabilizer Jack - JB-20 Review

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Review of Stromberg Carlson Trailer Jack JB-20

Today were going to review part number JB-20. These are the Stromberg Carlson Jack in the Box Camper Slide-out Stabilizer Jack Set. These stabilizer jacks are designed for your campers slide-out. Theyre designed to go under the slide-out when its extended to help eliminate any sway inside the camper. They do have a U shape top thatll fit most of your slide-out frames. They do have a nice black powder coat finish to resist corrosion and the screw in the top part that extends out is also zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

This part number does contain two jacks. Each jack as a ten thousand pound weight capacity and they are adjustable between 20 inches and 34 inches and I have them in those dimensions right now. This one is full retracted, so if we measure the height its going to be 20 inches. This one I have fully extended and as you can see its 34 inches tall. These jacks do come with a one year warranty.

Now a little note, you do not want to just these to level or life a slide-out room, because they could occur damage to the slide-out mechanism. These are only used to stabilize it. What you would do is, slide your slide-out out to your desired position and then you place these stabilizing jacks under each corner. The best thing is, the further each jack is that can placed towards the outside of the slide-out the more stable it would be. These jacks will typically fit best on the tubes that extend and retract your slide out.

Now these stabilizing jacks, you can pull the treaded rod out of the base without cranking it as you can see here and push it in or pull it out, so its not necessarily you do not necessarily have to use the nut and the handle on top, because there is a rubber bushing on the inside, which will help hold this screw secure in the base. Now if there is slop or it extends to easily, you can remove this top and theres a set nut on the inside that you can tighten to help firm up the screw release moving in and out. Now basically you can also extend it out by this handle thats welded onto the nut. If you turn this clockwise you can see it will extend it out also or you can just pull it out once you get to the position you want it to be at. You can turn this nut down to the base and that would lock it into that position.

Again these jacks do come with a one year limited warranty. That should do it for the review on part number JB-20 the Stromberg Carlson Jack in the Box Camper Slide-out Stabilizer Jack Set. .