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Review of Stromberg Carlson Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - Wheel Stabilizer - SC47MR

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Stromberg Carlson Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - Wheel Stabilizer - SC47MR Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the Stromberg Carlson wheel chock stabilizers for tandem axle trailers and RVs. It is for a quantity of two of them. Now these stabilizers will install between the tires on your tandem-axle to eliminate movement between the tires, which will help prevent rocking of your trailer or your RV When it's parked. These are adjustable and it can be installed when the spacing between the tires is from two inches minimum, all the way up to 17 inches, maximum length.

If you notice on the arms where you install these, they do have a grooves on them, and those are to grip the tire tread to prevent slipping when you're tightening these down. It does come with a nice included wrench, makes it very easy to expand the chock and you can just detach it when it's not being used. So if you put this on here, and if we go ahead and crank it, you can see clockwise, it expands out against the tires. So basically to install these. What you want to do is first adjust the length of the chalk, to fit the sides closest to the spacing that's already between your tires.

Once you do that, then just grab this handle right here, which is on each one and use the handle to place the chalk between the two tires. And then with it, between the tires, using the included wrench to adjust the screw till it tightens up against both tires. And what you want to do is apply enough torque to slightly deform the tire treads so it stays in place. One thing is you do want to make sure not to over-tighten it. Now also, if there's no room to access this socket, you can see I have the socket head at the top here, but if there's no room to access it at the top, it can be turned over and installed this way and accessed upside down if needed.

Now this is steel construction, which is very durable, has a nice coating on it, which makes it rust resistance. And as we mentioned does have these nice handles on it to help hold these in position. A few specs on this, the application again is dual axle trailers and RVs, and the quantity is for two chocks. And again, if you crank it the other way, you can see that'll expand it, expand or retracted into the close position, but that should do it for the review on the Stromberg Carlson wheel chock stabilizers for tandem axle trailers and RVs..

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