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Review of Surehoof Enclosed Trailer Parts - Horse Trailer Parts,Mats - 3622RM

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Surehoof Enclosed Trailer Parts - Horse Trailer Parts,Mats - 3622RM Review

Today we're going to take a quick look at the ribbed rubber trailer mat. This is going to be a good addition to your enclosed trailer, especially if you're hauling anything that might need a little cushioning. Especially if we're using this in a horse trailer or something like that, we want to make sure that our friends have a better ride, sort of reduce any swollen hocks that we might encounter, lessen sore legs there. It's a pretty nice thick mat. If you pull that back you'll see it has that ribbed texture, it helps to channel in any water and dirt whenever we go to hose this off. Makes it a little easier.

I can see this getting a little slick though in wet conditions, but if put something down on there like maybe some kind of grit or hay it will probably give it some good grip there.You could also use this is other applications like a shop or garage where you want to be able to stand on it yourself, but again the ribbed texture. It has a pretty good grip, but without actually popping this open and trying it out myself it's kind of hard to say. The other side is pretty smooth, so it should provide pretty good support there. Overall it measures 36 inches wides, and it's going to be a 22 foot long strip. Pretty big mat, as you can see from this side it's coiled pretty tightly.

Still, a lot of mat to work with, you could always cut this to length if you need it to be a little shorter than that or if you want to have a couple different mats from this. It also makes a pretty good insulator from sound and cold, if we want to put it on a cement floor or something like. It's going to keep that down, dirt and dust in the hot months, and also act as that good insulator in the cold months.It's also pretty heavy when it's rolled up like this, it weighs about 100 pounds so keep that in mind if you're going to be installing this yourself. You might need an extra set of hands to get that into place. Give you a little zoom in here, so you actually see the texture of this.

Here's this ribbed texture I was talking about before. It has a pretty fairly good grip, but if it gets wet it might get pretty slick. That's just the only thing that I would see as being a potential hazard there, otherwise it should be pretty good for you. And should have enough length to apply it in a lot of different applications. That's going to do it for our look at the ribbed rubber trailer mat..

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