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Review of Swagman Ladder Rack Pop Up Camper Rack - S80510

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Swagman Ladder Rack Pop Up Camper Rack - S80510 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack.A lot of times whenever you're camping with a pop-up camper, that camper is now taking up valuable space that we could've had a bike rack loaded up onto our hitch. Maybe you don't want to have to get a roof rack loaded up onto your vehicle because it's too tall or whatever the case may be. This is going to utilize that otherwise unused space on top of that pop-up. So now we can load up on our bikes. We can load up a kayak, a canoe, or maybe cargo basket full of all our extra gear that won't fit inside our vehicle. It'll just make all that space usable again because we have a nice large area on top of that pop-up camper that's really not being utilized at all whenever we have it in our transform mode.

This will allow us to have usable space on top of there to take all of our accessories with us and make the most of our vacation.Now, I have one bar set up, more or less how it's going to look on your vehicle. I have it kind of skewed here just so you can see the whole length, but we have our two feet on either end. It does come in a two-piece section, so our bar does have to be connected. There's a little screw that you'll tighten down to make sure that that has a good connection. I just have it sticking up here because it does have some Loctite on there, so I don't want to ruin that for whoever gets this bar in the future.

But I have that broken out here into two pieces, so you can see both sides of that bar. There's a good 3" of overlap where the smaller section fits into the rest of the bar to get those connected. So I think it would do a great job of holding up to whatever our cargo would be.It has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. Important thing to note about that 150 pound rating though. You're really limited to how much your camper can hold or your tonneau cover or your camper shell or whatever you're mounting this up to.

You never want to exceed the weight capacity that its rated for, but the roof rack itself is rated for 150 pounds. Now, this is not designed to be used with any kind of plastic one-piece trailer tops since they just don't have the structural integrity to hold that much weight. You want to make sure that whenever you do mount this up that you find a good mounting brace in that topper, so that it gets a good grip and it'll hold all your accessories.Some other things to note with this, it does require drilling, so we do want to seal up all the holes that we drill, and again, you want to find a nice stable mounting point for that. It comes with some really good instructions that do a pretty fair job of lining out all the steps of getting everything measured, drilled out, and then the proper hardware that we'll want to use. Depending on your setup, you may need the carriage bolts, nuts, and washers that come with it, but we'll get some screws to mount down onto our roof.

We'll also get these little rubber feet that go around the foot of that ladder rack, so that'll give a little bit of extra seal to our system and help protect our roof line from any kind of scratches or abrasions there.If you're installing this onto a camper shell or a tonneau cover, it also has a backing plate to make sure that you can go all the way through. Use one of the carriage bolts that'll drop down through the foot through the rubber piece, and then down through that backing plate, and then you'll attach the lock washer and nut. So it gives you two options as far as hardware to meet the requirements to whatever you'd be mounting this up to.Now, another important question that a lot of customers have is, is this going to fit my camper How long is it How tall is it All that good stuff. So, the bar is 84-5/16" long. The usable space whenever I've measured it here and with those feet about as far out as they can go, we get about 79" of usable space on that bar. The width of each side of our bar is 1-3/16" wide, so it'll have a total perimeter of about 4-3/4". So if you have any kind of roof rack accessory that has straps, as long as that strap is at least 5 or 6" long, should be plenty to get around there. Most of those roof rack accessories will have a much longer strap than that, usually about 6 to 8" long, so should work with just about any kind of aftermarket accessory as far as that goes.The total height for the roof rack system, if we measure from the bottom of the foot to the top of this bracket, it's about 5-1/4". If we measure just from the foot to the top of the bar, it's about 4-1/4". So this little piece is 1" tall here. This bracket is about 5" wide and about 1-1/4" deep. The distance between the mounting holes center to center is about 3". So just some measurements there to give you an idea of how big this will be. As far as the clearance underneath the bar, you have about 2-1/2" between the bottom of the bar and the top of wherever you're mounting this to. So it should be enough space to get any of those accessories that have kind of that little bracket that needs to swing under and then attach with two bolts. Should work out just fine.Now, speaking of all those aftermarket accessories, bike racks, cargo carriers, kayak carriers, canoe carriers, anything like that. We have a lot of options here at, so many that I get flustered even listing them. So definitely check out all the options here because we have something to meet any kind of requirement that you have. Again, you just want to make sure that you're getting something that can get you all your accessories, but you don't want to get anything too heavy since you are limited on how much weight you can hold. Typically, an adult size bike is about 35 pounds. So just keep all those numbers in your head and do some math there.The other accessory that I would recommend getting with this would be some silicone sealant to seal up any of those holes that we've drilled. We have a couple options. If you need a white-colored silicone sealant, that part number here at would be 0160297. If you need black silicone sealant, that would be 0160299.This is going to be very similar to the SportRack Camper Ladder Rack System or Roof Rack System. The advantage that I like about the Swagman one though is that the bracket foot is flat, and the Sports Rack one actually has a little right angle bend to it, so you have to mount that to a square corner. It won't fit on anything that's angled out or curved. It's just not designed to mount up to that. So this is a little bit more universal and it's still just as sturdy. The SportRack has a slightly higher weight capacity of 200 pounds, but if your camper or your camper shell doesn't allow you to carry that much weight anyway, then it doesn't really do you any good. So, something to keep in mind there. That's also available here at if you also want to check out that option, but I think that this is going to do a great job of carrying all our accessories, so we can enjoy our excursion with all of our stuff. That's going to do it for our look at the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack.

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