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Review of TST Tire Inflation and Repair - TPMS - TST-507-RV-6-C

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TST Tire Inflation and Repair - TPMS - TST-507-RV-6-C Review

Today we're going to take a look at the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for the RVs, with the color display, signal booster, and six tire sensors.Now, this TPMS kit will let you monitor your RV's tire pressure and temperature with the included, full color, LCD display unit. Works get with your motor home, fifth wheel, trailer.It uses this full color, wide screen display, which will provide early warning detection with visual and audible alerts. Just to show you, I'm going to zoom here so you can see what the . I'm going to turn this on. Okay, we'll go ahead and turn it on. You can see the full color display.Now, this will detect blowouts, significant pressure changes, tire temperatures exceeding 158 degrees.

It does refresh automatically with new tire information every five minutes. It will register pressures of PSI or bar, and temperatures of Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can see, just to go to set it, you hold the set button down. It'll beep. Once it beeps, then it'll give you the list and you've got the plus and minus buttons over here.

Each time you hit it, you can put it to whatever setting you need, then set your settings.I'm just going to show you again. I'm going to turn it off, turn it back on. Just to show you, there's the full color settings. I'm going to turn that off. Then we'll zoom back out.Now, this kit does come with the six sensors.

These will check your tire pressure and temperature. They are designed to fit on your valve stem. They are brass construction, designed for use on rubber stems, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. I happened to pull a rubber valve stem, just to give you an example of how these install. The same way, let's zoom in just a little bit so you can see better.What you'll do is, this is your stem that will be on your wheel.

If you notice, on your sensor, the inner portion that screws on actually screws freely. Then, the outer cap spins. The reason that is, is that they're theft resistant caps. I'm going to show you how that operates. If you hold that on there, then just twist the whole unit on there, onto your valve stem. Once they get in there and tightened up, then what you'll want to do . this kit, they include these two cap wrenches. They're designed to go over the cap and line it up with your nut there. Just turn it until it seals it, then turn it a little bit tighter. Remove the cap wrench and you'll notice it's all ready to go. The cap will just spin.What's nice is if somebody sees these on your wheel, and they think they can just unscrew them to take them off, they won't be able to do that. They need to have this cap wrench that'll fit right in there and loosen it up. Then, you'll be able to unscrew the whole unit.Now, if you notice, this does come with this bag of extra screws, washers, and O rings. What that is for is your battery to your sensors, right up, right here in this sensor. If the battery happens to go out and you need to replace it, what you can do is remove those three screws, take it apart. They'll be a washer and an O ring in there. They give you new ones. Put your new battery in with the new washer, O rings, and then screw it back in there.Now, the monitoring capacity on this unit, with these included sensors, would be six tires. You can purchase additional sensors. We do sell them separately on our website. It'll let you monitor . this display will let you monitor up to 38 tires, total. It does sound like a lot, but, basically, what you can do is buy extra sensors and put them on different vehicles, like your motor home, trailer. Then, just monitor all those with this one monitor.It does include these display mounts for your monitor, and will allow for optimal positioning. Starts with the easy to use suction cup, for windshield or dashboard mounting. All you have to do is put that in there, slide it, lock it into place and then it will just up and down, sideways, just like that. Whatever angle you need it at. If that one doesn't work for you, they also offer this cradle mount, to put on a nice, flat surface. It's made not to scoot. It'll just secure. Then, you can push that right in there to hold into place that way.This kit does come with this repeater, or signal booster. This'll strengthen and apply the sensor signal forward to the display. It eliminates electronic interference. The red light, right here, when it's hooked up and it's working, this will illuminate to show that it's working.This unit is waterproof, it can be mounted either inside or outside. It does mount with, either these screws that are included, or this double faced tape with the hook and loop fastener on does also include this micro USB cable and adapter, which is included for charging with your vehicle's 12 volt outlet. Just plug the adapter into the 12 volt outlet, plug your USB in, plug that into your monitor, and it'll charge it.Few specs. We'll start with the monitor. Run time on this is five to seven days on a full charge. Battery recharge time is four hours. The screen dimension on this monitor, just the screen, is right at three and a quarter inches wide. Height on it is one and five eighth inches tall. The overall dimension on the whole display monitor is going to be right at four and a half inches wide. To the top of the antenna is going to be three inches tall, and total depth on it is right at one inch deep.On the sensors. Now, these sensors, the pressure range is zero PSI to 196 PSI. Operating temperature range is negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage temperature range is negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Battery life on the sensor is going to be one to one and a half years. As a mentioned, they do use replaceable batteries. They use the part number CR 1632 batteries, so you can replace them. They give you the extra hardware to do all that. Dimension on the sensor itself. Diameter is one and one eighth inches, length on it is also one and one eighth inches. The repeater itself, that's going to be two and a half inches tall, three inches wide, about five eighths of an inch deep.Last thing they do give you is a nice owners manual to describe how to hook all this up and how it operates. That should do it, for the review on the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs with the color display, signal booster, and the six tire sensors.

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