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Review of TST Tonneau Covers - TST-507-D-C

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TST Tonneau Covers - TST-507-D-C Review

Today we're going to take a look at the color monitor for the TST-507 TPMS systems. Now this is a nice full color, wide screen monitor to let you upgrade the black and white monitor on your TST tire pressure monitoring systems, and it will also replace a lost or damaged monitor. It is designed to work with the system part numbers TST-507-RV-4C TST-507-RV-6C, the TST-507-FT-4C and the TST-507-FT-6C, all those systems we do sell separately on our website. Now this monitor will provide early warning detection with visual and audible alerts. It will detect any blow outs, significant pressure changes, and tire temperatures exceeding 158 degrees.It does refresh automatically with new tire information every five minutes, and you can program multiple layouts into the monitor, and you can scroll through each set up on the screen. Now this system can support up to four separate tire layouts, and up to 38 total tires.

You do want to make sure to set your high and low pressure ohms for each layout that you're using. It does come with everything shown here on the table. Included suction cup mount, cradle mount, to let you place the monitor in optimal position. The suction cup mount is nice because you can attach it to your dash or turn it the other way and attach it, and then put it on to your windshield. The non slip cradle mount right here, you can just...

Holds the monitor on your dashboard, you just push it in there and it will hold it in place and it doesn't slide.It does come with the micro USB cable and the adaptor to allow you to charge the monitor with your vehicle's 12 volt accessory outlet. And it comes with a nice manual here to talk of how your display works, and how you set it up. A few specs on this, we're going to give you the overall dimensions. The width on it, end to end is four and a half inches. Height on it is three inches tall, and depth is a total of about one inch deep.

Now the screen dimension, just the screen itself is three and a quarter inches wide by one and five eighths inches tall. And it is a three and a half inch diagonal display. Pressure unit, it will show you can use either dbar 00:02:19, or psi, and a temperature unit would be Fahrenheit or Celsius. Temperature operating range is a negative four Fahrenheit, negative four degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.Battery life on this is about five to seven days on a full charge, and a recharge time is about four hours. So what I want to do is we're going to zoom in here.

I just want to try to show you the full color capabilities. So we'll go ahead and push the middle set button, if you just hold it down. Oops, let's turn it on first, my mistake. There we go. Got it turned on. And then we'll go ahead and hold this. You'll see it will beep and then that will allow you to set it. Then you can just go to the plus or minus button. And each time you hit it, it will go to a different setting. Then if you go back to. That will show you the nice full color set up.And I'm just going to turn that off. And I'll go ahead and zoom back out. But that should do it for the review on the color monitor for the TST-507 TPMS systems.

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