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Taskmaster Tires and Wheels - Tire Only - TTWTRTM2057515C Review

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Review of Taskmaster Tires and Wheels TTWTRTM2057515C

Today we're going to review part # TTWTRTM2057515C. This is the Task Master ST20575R15 radial trailer tire in a load range C. This radial tire is ideal for boat trailers, stock trailers, utility trailers and campers. It is constructed with double steel belts and double polyester cords for long life. It is great for highway use. It also does have the tread wear indicator markings on the side like on a passenger car and truck tire. Actually if you look real close, it will say TWI like right here and then about every 12 inches along the tire it will have it.

Right where it says TWI, for tread wear indicator, if you go up to the tread right here you will see there is a little ridge, like a speed bump that goes across. That's actually the tread depth bars. Those bars are at 2/32nds tread depth. So once this tire wears down and that bar goes straight across, that means the tire is worn out at 2/32nd's. It gives you a good visual indicator of the tread wear of the tire. This tire does meet the Department of Transportation's specifications and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Specs on this again: the size, which is on the side wall, is ST 20575R, for radial, 15 inches.

Now the section width on this tire is going to be 8 inches. Overall diameter, from the very bottom to the top when it is inflated, is 27.1 inches. This is a load range C tire, which means it is a 6-ply rated tire. It has a maximum load capacity of 1,820 pounds at 50 PSI. The tread depth on this tire is 10/32 nd's, and this tire has a speed rating of M, which means 81 miles per hour. That should do it for the review on part # TTWTRTM2057515C, Task Master ST20575R15 radial trailer tire in a load range C.


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