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Tekonsha Brake Controller 3066-P Review

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Review of Tekonsha Accessories and Parts 3066-P

Today we're gonna take a look at the Tekonsha plug-in wiring adaptor for electric brake controllers. This is going to be a custom fit wiring adaptor that goes between your vehicle's brake controller and your vehicle itself. The one end just plugs into the back of that brake controller, and the other is going to plug into a socket on your Mercedes-Benz.This is going to be custom fit for the 2012 through '16 GL class. Also the '16 to '18 GLE class, the '17 to '18 GLS class, and the '12 to '15 M class. Those are all Mercedes-Benz with the factory 7-way already installed. If your vehicle doesn't have the factory 7-way installed, you might have to pick up ETBC7 to route those wires through your vehicle, so you can connect into your brake controller.

But this is going to act as that connection point between the two. The pins are just gonna match up to that socket on your Mercedes-Benz. That should be located on the driver's side, underneath the dash, kind of behind the brake pedal. If you pull back the carpet, you should see a socket that matches up with this one perfectly.This is gonna give us all the necessary functions to make our brake controller work correctly. We'll have our ground wire, brake signal wire, the output to our trailer, and the black wire for our power.

Ground will be white. Red will be brake signal. Blue is the output, and of course black is the 12 volt. This makes it really easy to remove our brake controller if we don't want it in our vehicle all the time, or plug it back in. It's just gonna be that easy connection between the two.This is going to be compatible with proportional brake controllers like the Tekonsha Prodigy, the P2, the P3, like we have here.

This is a Tekonsha P3. It's also gonna work for the Tekonsha Primus IQ and the Tekonsha Voyager. It's also compatible with time delay brake controllers like the Draw-Tite Activator, the Activator 2, and the Activator 3, as well as the Tekonsha PowerTrac. Now you can find all of those brake controllers here at, so definitely pick one up if you don't already have one.To remove our brake controller from the wiring, you're just gonna pull back on this tab on the wiring itself, and sort of wiggle that plug off of there. It has this nice mesh housing to protect the wires, but you definitely want to be sure to keep the wiring out of the way of anything moving, or any pinch points like your steering column, or brake or gas pedal.

So it's always a good idea to pick up some zip ties to keep that up and out of the way. That's gonna do it for our look at the Tekonsha plug-in wiring adaptor for electric brake controllers.

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