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Review of Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Tesla Model Y Trailer Wiring - TK56FR

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Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Tesla Model Y Trailer Wiring - TK56FR Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick work of this Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness. So this is going to provide a four way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to power up your trailer signal lights so that other motorists can see if you're stopping or turning as you're pulling that trailer. It's going to take the signals coming from your tail lights and send those back to your trailer lights. This is a really simple kit to get them installed.

It's definitely a lot easier than having to splice into your vehicle wiring. This is basically just a plug and play system. It is designed specifically to work with your 2001 and newer Tesla Model Y so if you have a Model Y, you're wanting to tow with it, this is gonna be a great kit. Very easy to get hooked up. Basically, all you have to do is get back to your taillights.

Disconnect the taillight from your factory wiring and then plug this in the middle of it so that you reconnect that circuit so your taillights are gonna function on normal but it's also going to send that signal to your trailer. So your yellow side will be on your driver's side. Your green will be on your passenger side. And then this will live in your storage compartment inside the vehicle and you can just run it out your back hatch or trunk tailgate area. When you're ready to use it, just kind of close it in the door there.

Make sure it's not gonna be pinched by any holding brackets that hold the door closed and it should be fine. The wire will fit right in there and we'll provide that for you. This is compatible with your five pole, six pole and seven pole adapters. So depending on the kind of wiring that your trailer has, you might need an adapter to fit with it. I installed the system very similar to this on my wife's vehicle.

I had to get an adapter to work with our trailer. And basically, I just had to run another ground wire for that adapter but everything else is provided in this. So very easy to get that adapted if you do need to for your trailer. But overall, this whole kit is gonna be very simple to install. The most difficult thing is probably going to be running this wire back from your taillights up to your vehicle's battery so that you can run off your battery power. You're not gonna be putting more strain on your vehicle's electrical system that's operating your lights. But they do include everything that you're gonna need for that wire. These ties to kind of hold it in place. Your butt connectors to make your connections and the fuse and fuse holder. So very-- Overall, very simple process. They do include instructions with pictures to help you get everything installed so very straightforward. When I installed kit similar to this on my wife's vehicle, it took me a couple of hours. Wasn't much of a headache at all. So definitely something that you can do in your garage. You're not gonna have to pay someone else to do it for you. One thing I really like about this system is this box. It is pretty small compared to most boxes with systems like this. So that doesn't seem like it would be a big deal but it is sometimes difficult to find a place to mount this box with other systems that are a little bit bigger. So having that smaller box can make it a little bit easier for you that do include the some double-sided tape here so you can just stick that to a flat surface and whenever you find a place to mount it. They do include a self tapping screw for your ground. I get that put in place. So basically, everything that you're gonna need so that you can just plug it in to your taillight and it's going to give you those trailer lights for you. This does feature a dust cap, even though this is gonna be living inside your vehicle until you're ready to use it. You can put that dust cap on there to make sure that no dirt, debris, moisture and that sort of thing gets on your connections. This will provide five amps per circuit for your stop and turn lights and 7.5 amps per circuit for your taillights. So overall, really nice option. If you're looking to add trailer wiring onto your vehicle, Tekonsha is a really well-trusted brand. Got a great reputation for quality products. But one of the reasons for that is because of the potting material inside this box here. So you can kind of see that shiny stuff that is going to help. Make sure that your connections stay on the circuit board in there. You're not gonna have to worry about them rattling, coming loose so that potting material is really nice. I'm pretty sure Tekonsha is the first one to come up with that. Several others have kind of followed their lead since but Tekonsha does have a really good reputation for being quality sturdy products. So if you are wanting to add wiring onto your Tesla so that you can pull a trailer, this is a great kit for you. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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