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Review of Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Trailer Hitch Wiring - 118290

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Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Trailer Hitch Wiring - 118290 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and today we're taking a look at the Tekonsha OEM replacement vehicle wiring harness with seven way trailer connector. Now this is going to be a fit for your 2019 Subaru Ascent and basically it's going to plug directly into your vehicle's existing wiring, and then give you a seven pole at the back of your vehicle. So you can attach any kind of trailer wiring, or any other accessory that might use that seven pole connection. It comes with everything you see laid out here. So it's pretty much everything that we need to get our vehicle wired up and ready to go.

We'll get our wiring with the Tekonsha ModuLite here. This is a nice system, since it actually has this potting material on the inside to make sure all our connections stay nice and tight and protected from any kind of outside elements like rain, water, dust, or debris, since it's typically mounted inside your back hatch, you're not going to really have to deal with any water or rain, but it's just nice to know that this is completely sealed up.So we don't have to worry about those things, getting in there and causing any issues. Also, whenever you're on the road and you typically encounter a lot of vibration and that can make things kind of jar, get jostled loose, but that potty material keeps everything nice and insulated. So we typically haven't had any issues with the conscious wiring. It lasts a really long time, and I just really like the way that they make their stuff.

So I think it will be a great wiring for you. It also has a fuse that goes in line to that factory connection. So pull this cap off here. You can see there's a 25 amp fuse that already comes pre-installed so whenever you make that connection, there is a powered connection there. So we don't have to worry about any kind of issues arising with our factory wiring.

If anything happens, it's going to blow that fuse before it affects anything in our Subaru.We'll also have a bulk wire to run up to the battery on our Subaru, since this does have standalone power, that means we're not draining any power from our Subaru's wiring system. It's going to have its own power source from the battery. This also has a fuse that goes in line there, 30 amp fuse to go in place. So it comes with all the fuses always really nice and also comes with two heat shrink butt connectors to make that connection to our bulk wire on either end and then also a ring terminal to make the connection to our positive terminal on the battery. We'll get a piece of foam tape to secure our box to a secure mounting point on our Subaru.

The seven pole plug does need to be pinned so you can see there's all these little sort of tabs coming out that has to be wired up with this end.That's all taped up. This is actually going to be our, all our wiring connections. So if you pull back this tape and look on the inside, there'll be all these little connectors. So pretty much, once you pull off all this tape, you'll just take your connectors and if you unroll this all the way, you can actually see the colors of the wire down here and you'll match the color to the correct number on the inside. It's hard to see on camera, but there actually are numbers printed inside there so you can match each one up for the proper functions. The instructions have a diagram letting you know which color goes to which number so you can match up the functions to get everything working properly. So all in all really not a bad system, as far as installing, pretty straight forward again comes with everything you need.There's a nice handful of zip ties. Get all your wiring, run up, get everything nice and secured, including an extra long one. I would just suggest if you're running this bulk wire on the outside of your vehicle, you want to stay from anything that's going to be hot, anything moving. You don't want to get your wire caught up in any kind of pinch points. So you want to stay away from any suspension components, your exhaust system, and make sure that you use plenty of zip ties so that all that wire is nice and secure. It's a good idea to run along with any existing wiring that you can find, maybe the brake lines as well, so that you can get everything run up to a secure spot. As I said, the instructions do have a diagram to let you know how to pin that connector at the back.So it should be pretty straightforward, definitely something you can get done in your driveway or your garage at home and it will give you that seven pole wiring. The nice thing about this is that everything is protected. We don't have to worry about any back feed from our trailer causing issues with our Subaru, it's all going to be all protected by those fuses and our converter box here. As far as the amperage for our stop and turn lights, we'll have 4.2 amps per circuit, and our taillights have 12 amps per circuit. It comes with a limited one-year warranty from Tekonsha. You can also pick up a mounting bracket to go with this. It does not come with a mounting bracket. So this is typically mounted on the outside of your vehicle, kind of next to your hitch and you can get a bracket to Mount up to these points here and then get it hooked up to your hitch on your Subaru.I would suggest using a mounting bracket from Pollack, and that is going to be PK 12711U, that's the part number. You can find it right here at and then you might also get a long or short bracket depending on your needs to attach that to your hitch. All those items can be found right here at Another item that wouldn't be a bad idea to grab would be some dielectric grease for this connection. Since this lives outside, that dielectric grease is just going to keep any corrosion to a minimum. It's going to be just kind of this little barrier between any water from corroding those pins on the inside. So it's just a good thing to keep everything lasting for a long time. Also find that here at you guessed at I hope this video's been helpful and figuring out if this is the right wiring for you, and that's going to do it for our look at the Tekonsha OEM replacement vehicle wiring harness with seven way trailer connector..

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