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Tekonsha Trailer Breakaway Kit - Kit with Charger - 50-85-313 Review

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Review of Tekonsha Trailer Breakaway Kit 50-85-313

Today we'll be reviewing part number 50-85-313. This is the Tekonsha Push to Test Breakaway Kit with a Premium Integrated Charger. Breakaway Kits are designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating the electric brakes so the trailer disconnects from its own vehicle during transit. Ideally, the safety chains would make that prevention but in some case this can be used as a last line of defense to bring that trailer to a stop in case it was to ever disconnect. In a lot of states this type of safety system is required for trailers that weigh more than 3,000 lbs so you definitely want to check into that to see if this would be a requirement for your application. The system features a push to test LED indicator here on the top. Once you push that green button, 1 of the 3 LED lights is going to eliminate so it's either going to indicate that you have a fully charged battery, a charging battery or that your battery needs a recharge. This breakaway system is for 1 to 3 axle trailers with electric brakes. The battery box has a battery inside that is included, so it's going to come with the battery box, the battery, all the wiring and the breakaway switch.

The only thing that you should need to purchase is the mounting hardware. It has an integrated multi-stage charger that's going to charge at the ideal charge current to quickly bring voltage up and extend the life of your battery. It has built-in Smart Adjust that changes to an ideal maintenance charge when the battery is fully charged. Once it is fully charged, the automatic float mode is designed to provide a continuous charge without overcharging. This does have a full charge green light that's going to indicate only when the battery is at 12.8 volts or higher. This does require a flat surface mounting. You can see that we have the mounting pattern here on the back.

The distance between our holes from center to center is going to measure 1" and going across is going to measure 5-5/8", center to center. Again, this is designed for up to 3 axles. The way that this mounts is you're going to mount the battery case to fit to the frame of your trailer with the breakaway switch cable towards the tow vehicle. The switch location should be selected to ensure unobstructed line of pull in the event of a vehicle separation. Then you can bolt the breakaway switch bracket to the frame of the trailer or case bracket using a 1/4" bolt and lock nut or you can use 2 individual 1/4" jam nuts. You want to be sure to wire everything per the instructions, those are included as well and they have really nice wiring diagrams that way you can be ensure that you're going to have a correct wiring situation and that everything is going to be wired correctly for your application. Then you can attach the breakaway switch cable to your tow vehicle frame being certain that the cable does not drive on the ground and that no restraint or restriction is placed on the cable itself. To go over the wires real quick, the wires that come from the switch both of them are going to be black wires.

One black wire is going to connect to the trailer brake wire and the other wire is going to connect to the blue wire from our battery box. It does not matter which black wire you use to make those connections; the switch really doesnt care and so you're going to be safe choosing either one of those black wires to connect to either the trailer brakes or the blue wire from the battery box. Here at the battery box we have a white wire which is going to be a ground wire and then we have the black wire that is our charging circuit wire and then we have the blue wire that goes to 1 of the black wires from the switch. To go over the measurements of each size, the switch itself, overall, from end to end, is going to give us a measurement of about 4-3/4" that does include the mounting location here with a pre-drilled mounting hole. It's going to stand at a height of about 7/8". The battery box is going to give us an overall width of about 6-1/4" to 6-1/2", somewhere in there that is including the mounting locations, the extension of the brackets here at the back. Overall height is going to give us a measurement of about 4" and then the overall depth is going to give us a measurement of about 4-1/2". That's going to do it for today's review of part number 50-85-313.

This is the Tekonsha Push to Test Breakaway Kit with a Premium Integrated Charger. .



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The Tekonsha Trailer Breakaway Kit # 50-85-313 will wire as follows: the black wire from the box will connect to the trailer's 12V power wire, the white wire from the box is the ground wire and will either need to be connected to the trailer's ground wire or grounded directly to the frame, and the blue wire from the box will connect to one of the two wires on the breakaway switch, with the other wire from the switch connecting to the break output wire on the trailer. I have linked an Expert Answer that includes a wiring diagram and I have linked an installation video for this breakaway kit.

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