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Review of Tekonsha Trailer Wiring - Custom Fit 4-Pole Wiring - 118813

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Tekonsha Trailer Wiring - Custom Fit 4-Pole Wiring - 118813 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness. This is going to have our four pole flat trailer connector and that allows us to use a lot of different accessories. Most notably, it'll allow us to tow a trailer that has a four pole flat on that end. So we can have our lights going from our vehicle into that trailer, keeping everybody safe and aware of what we're doing while we're on the road.

So also helps keep us in compliance with laws, so that's also important. A lot of other accessories, we'll use that four pole flat as well. Some cargo carriers out there will utilize that connection or maybe later on down the road you're going to be adding on additional wiring and you need that four pole flat, whatever the reason might be. This is going to get you that four pole flat connector.The nice thing about this kit is that it's going to be custom fit for your vehicle. This particular kit is going to fit the 2020 to current Kia Soul, so we'll be able to get everything connected into our Kia without having to worry about cutting or splicing any factory wiring, which is always great.

We don't want to have to worry about damaging any wires from the factory and causing any issues there. Tekonsha, in my experience, has done a really great job of making a high quality product. Rarely ever if does any issue arise with their wiring, they put this potting material in there. This is going to be kind of the control box, the main nerve center of our wiring so to speak. This is basically where all the connections are made internally and by putting that potting material in there, that's going to help to keep all those connections tight and sealed so no water or debris is going to get in there and cause any issues and also it's not going to vibrate apart.Whenever you are going down the road, everything kind of vibrates a little bit just because of that motion of the road causing those vibes in your vehicle.

So sometimes that can make things kind of shake apart if you don't have them secured tightly, but we won't have to worry about that with this wiring. It comes with everything you need to get this installed. Basically what you'll want to do, open up the hatch on your Kia, find your tail lights, remove those by removing the factory connectors, and then you'll have your driver's side connection to make with the yellow-brown side of your wiring. You just plug that right in line with that factory wiring. One end should fit into the tail light and the other end should fit into the wiring coming off of there.

Just snaps right in place and then we'll route the rest of this down.Fish the green and red wires over to your passenger side. Do the same thing there, move the tail light, plug in your wiring, and then you're almost halfway there. Just have to make a ground connection to the white wire. It's the one with a little ring terminal on it, so you just get that connected to a good piece of sheet metal. Route your four pole wire towards your hitch and then you'll have your power wire to run up to your battery on your Kia. So you want to that somewhere safe along the underside of your vehicle, keeping away from anything hot or moving, using a lot of the zip ties that it comes with to secure that wiring in, nice secure anchor points so it doesn't hang down below the vehicle. It's not going to get caught up on your suspension or get melted by your exhaust or anything like that.Once you get up to your engine bay, you'll want to connect in your fuse holder. That's this guy here, so you will have to cut that in the middle so you can have one end going to your bulk wire. The other end is going to go to this ring terminal and then it connects to your positive side of your battery. It comes with the 15 amp fuse to go in line with that. So our wiring is going to be protected from any sort of surges from our trailer, any issues that might arise on that end, we won't have to worry about that. Our module box here, that nerve center, is also going to do a good job of protecting our wiring from any issues. No back feed from one end of our vehicle to the other.We'll also get an extra long zip tie just in case we need to go around something a little bit thicker and also a piece of double sided foam tape to attach that module box so it's sitting in a nice secure spot and it's not going to be rattling around. We also get this little self tapping screw. Typically you're going to use that for making your ground connection. If you can find a stud to make that connection, some kind of screw that's already in place, maybe some other ground wires are going to that or a nut somewhere that you can put that over. That's always best. If that's the case, you can still use this screw by securing your module box there. So a couple options for that little guy.But all in all it's a pretty simple thing. Definitely something you can do at home in your garage, in your driveway with just a few simple tools to get everything connected. The butt connectors that it comes with our heat shrink. So if you take a heat gun to those, they'll actually shrink around the wire and give you a watertight seal. So those are really great for your wiring to make sure that no water's going to get in there and cause any issues down the line.As I said, pretty easy to get installed. Tekonsha does a great job. I've been really happy with their results from their wiring over the years and I think you should be happy with it as well. The amperage for this, just in case you want to know those specs, it's going to be five amps per circuit for our stop and turn lights and then 7.5 amps for our tail lights. So should be everything you need to get that installed in your vehicle. If you need any other accessories to go with this, your hitch brake controller, maybe some other wiring down the line, we have a lot of options available here a along with a lot of other information to help you get it installed and make sure that it's the right fit for you. So I hope this video has been helpful and we'll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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