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Review of Tekonsha Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 119178KIT

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Tekonsha Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 119178KIT Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the upgraded circuit protected taillight converter hardwire kit with the four-way connector and the circuit tester. Now, this part will adapt a three-wire system on your towing vehicle to work with a two-wire system on your trailer. Basically, they will adapt any importer domestic automobile that has the separate turn and stop lights, which is a three-wire system to a standard trailer taillight wiring which is a two-wire system. In a three-wire system, a separate wire is used to carry each of the stop, turn, and running light functions to the taillight. And on most trailers, the stop and turn signal functions are sent through the same wire.This kit will give you short circuit protection, safeguards itself and the tow vehicle against any harmful electrical shorts or miss-wire situations. The circuit will automatically reset once the module cools, and it does work with trailers that have either LED or incandescent bulbs and it will work with most multiplex wiring system.

The kit will include everything laid out here on the table, the circuit protective taillight converter right here. If you notice, it does have the bonded wire with the four-way that runs out the back to plug into your trailer and that's about 60 inches long. It does have this nice integrated four-way cover that will protect the terminals when it's not plugged in, protects it from the elements or from any damage.Now the wire pigtails on this converter, they would measure about 18 inches long. And these are what will tap into the taillight wires of your vehicle. And they do include in this kit a nice circuit tester because when you go to tap your wires in, you want to test the wires for the function.

You don't want to always just connect color to color, you want to test the function and then connect it to the function for that wire. In this case, your white wire will be your ground that has the eyelid on it, so that's easy. You just ground it. Your ground wire would be your taillight, so that's where you'll connect to your taillights. Your red wire is your brake for your brake, but if it's a two-wire system, then you just ground the red wire.

The yellow is the left turn and the green would be your right turn.When you do to go to connect these, use your circuit tester to test the function to get the correct wires hooked up. And they do include these four waterproof self-stripping wire connectors that will make tapping into your wires very quick and easy. A few specs on this, the maximum stop and turn light circuit is 2.1 amps per circuit, and the maximum taillight circuit is 7.5 amps. But that should do it for the review on the upgraded circuit protected taillight converter hardwire kit with the four-way connector and the circuit tester.

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