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Thule Roof Box TH04997 Review

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Review of Thule Accessories and Parts TH04997

Today we're going to be taking a look at part #TH04997. This is the replacement QM3 quick mount hardware. This kit's going to replace your lost or damaged nylon hardware for the Thule Adventurer, Cascade, Excursion, Frontier or Mountaineer roof-rack cargo box. Just keep in mind that this will not fit the ES models. It's going to include complete set of mounting hardware for 1 cargo box. You're going to get the complete set for four feet. It's going to contain four sets of Quick-Mount brackets.

You see everything that you're going to get. You're going to get these foam pads. These are going to have an adhesive backing. It's designed to be put onto the mounting plates, that way it doesn't cause any type of damage to your crossbars. You're going to get all the hardware too. You're going to get 8 standard length bolts for normal size crossbars.

These are going to measure 3 inches long, just the threaded portions are going to measure 2 3/4". You're going to get all your lock washers. You're going to get the hand knobs, your going to get the round stickers. These are designed to cover up any exposed holes in the bottom of the box. It's going to help keep out moisture, dirt, debris, any type of grime.

You're also going to get a couple tie-down straps, that way you can secure your gear inside your box. It's a really simple installation, really simple operation. These right here are going to be place inside the box. They're going to have the tie-down loops on it. You can run your straps through there, secure your gear in place. Four of those, 1 for each foot location.

Then you're going to have your large brackets. Your large brackets are going to go on the bottom of the box, in between the bottom of the box and the top of the crossbar. One of the pads would be installed on there, just to give a little bit of cushion as you tighten it down, making sure it doesn't do any damage to your roof rack system. That's what those 4 brackets are for. These right here are going to be the brackets that go on the bottom of the crossbar. Your bolts are going to come up through there. They're going to run through the inside of the box. That's when you would tighten down the hand knob. The smaller pad's going to go on that top portion there. That's going to make contact with the bottom of your load bar of your roof rack system. Again, the foam pads are included that have the adhesive backing. That's just to protect the finish of your roof rack system's crossbars. Again, this is a full kit. It's going to work as a full replacement for all 4 feet on your cargo boxes. Again this is going to fit Thule Adventurer, the Thule Cascade, Excursion, Frontier or Mountaineer roof-rack cargo box. That's going to do it for our review of part #TH04997. .



Would someone be able to to provide a link for this replacement kit (TH04997)? I am having trouble finding it on the site.

Etrailer Expert

David B.


Hi Evan, the replacement QM3 is no longer available per the manufacturer.