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Thule Roof Box TH05820 Review

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Review of Thule Accessories and Parts TH05820

Today we're going to be taking a quick look at part number TH05820. This is the replacement easy step mounting kit for Thule cargo boxes. This is going to help replace your lost or damaged mounting hardware for the Thule evolution, part number TH672 and the Thule cascade XT, 676XT, 677XT, and 678XT, and again these are all roof mounted cargo boxes. This kit's going to include one complete set of mounting hardware for one cargo box. You're going to get your U bolts with the rubber protectors on there to protect the bottom of the crossbars. You're going to get your stickers.

These are going to be 15 stickers to cover up any exposed holes in the bottom floor of the box. It's going to limit the amount of moisture, dirt, and debris that gets up in the box from outside. You're going to get your plastic strips that sit underneath the easy snap housings. You're going to get all four easy snap housings, and two cargo straps to secure any cargo inside your box. Now on each side of the housing you're going to have tie down locations to run your strap through and over your gear. Really simple operation though.

Pretty simple, the U bolt's going to come up around from underneath the vehicle's crossbar. It's going to come up through the bottom of the box. These housings are going to be located inside the box at each mounting location. You'll need to rotate it open, just like that. When it's open it's going to be able to receive the U bolt.

You push that up there and it engages in this portion right here. What you do is you'd rotate the housing over, push down the red lever. That's going to lock the U bolt in place, making sure it creates a nice tight fit between the cargo box and the vehicle's roof rack system. You need to do that at all four locations. Once you're ready to loosen up the hardware, remove the box, you lift up on the red lever, open back up the housing.

It's going to allow the U bolt to disengage from the foot pack. Really simple operation. Again, this is going to include one fully kit for a full replacement of one cargo box when it comes to the mount assemblies. That's going to do it for today's review of part number TH05820. .

Terrence K.


I bought this mounting kit from you earlier this month but it did not come with the plastic strips you're showing. Can you send these to me? Thanks.

Les D.


If you contact the friendly folks in our customer service department they will resolve this for your right away. 1-800-298-1624

Jon W.


Do you know if this quick kit will work with the Evolution 1600 (Circa 2012). I'm mostly concerned if it will fit the existing factory-drilled holes

Les D.


@JonW I reached out to Thule and they say this kit will fit the older Evolution 1600 without any additional drilling.

Jon W.


@LesD Thank you Les!

Les D.


@ JonW Sure!

David N.


I have this kit but can’t figure out where I misplaced the U-bolts. Can I order just theses u-bolts somewhere on the site? Thank you!

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


Unfortunately not. I double checked and it doesn't look like Thule offers that U-Bolt as a single replacement piece. If you're unable to find the U-Bolts then you might consider trying to find them as individual parts at a resale shop before purchasing the whole kit again.

David N.


@JonG Ouch. That's disappointing. Another reason to be mad at myself for losing them.



Will this work on the adventure box

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


This Easy Snap mounting kit is intended to be used as for the Thule Cascade XT (676XT, 677XT, and 678XT), Evolution (TH672), and Mountaineer (669) roof-mounted cargo boxes. For your Thule Adventure cargo box you would want hardware kit # TH04997 . I have included a link for your reference.