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Thule Roof Rack TH544 Review

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Review of Thule Accessories and Parts TH544

Today we're going to review part number TH544. This is the Thule one key system lock cylinders in the quantity of four. This part comes with a nice metal case that the locks do come in. It has four matching locking cylinders. Comes with the two keys and the one universal control key which will let you remove any preinstalled Thule lock cores. This way you won't have to keep track of any multiple keys with your Thule products.

You can replace the cores with this set of four. It'll work on any of the Thule racks, accessories, and roof rack feet. Now I do want to give you an example here of how this would work. I have an example of a foot here from a TH460R part number, which is the Rapid podium foot and the cover here that locks on. Basically when they come they do not come with any locks.

When you buy these they will come with a lock cover plug and basically what that does is it just pushes in and you can turn it and it'll keep the cover on, but it actually does not lock it. It's just a plug that goes in there. If you do purchase the locks like these and you want to install them what you'd want to do is just take that plug out and then what you would do is take one of the lock cylinders that came in the TH544 kit. Take the universal key, stick it in there, then what you'll want to do is go ahead just line it up, push it in. Then you might have to put your finger over it and then pull the master key out.

That will install the locking core to the foot. Then this key, what you can do, the key will then work to lock your. Put your key in, turn it to lock it, and as you can see it is locked onto your foot. That is how to install a locking core on a product that does not have a locking core. I also have another example.

I got a TH460R Rapid podium foot, just like I showed you before. Now this one already has a different lock in it and let's say you have this on there, but you want the cores to match all the Thule accessories you have on your vehicle. What you want to do is go ahead and unlock it. The locking core is in there and it is a different number. You can tell the number of lock by what's etched on it. This one says, N140. It doesn't match these. What you want to do is to take it out. Again, use your universal control key. Stick it in and then basically just wiggle it and you might have to push it out from the back. It'll come right out. Then what you want to do is take one of your new locks you want to put in there. Just install it in there. Again, pull it out. Now it's set up to use the matching set you have. Bingo, it's locked on. These two that I showed will now have matching locks on the feet. That's the way to install this kit if you have a new set that doesn't have locks like this one or if you had some that already had a lock that you wanted to change out and put in matching locks. That should do it for the review on part number TH544, the Thule one key system lock in the quantity of four.