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Thule Roof Rack TH832 Review

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Review of Thule Accessories and Parts TH832

Today were going to review part number TH832. This is the Thule Multipurpose Locking Straps. They have the rubber housing. These multipurpose straps will let you secure kayaks, canoes, and other gear to your roof rack. It is a very heavy duty nylon strap, and in the very middle you can actually feel a raised section that it has a steel core construction which will insure strength and durability. Now on the housing itself it is rubberized at the bottom, all over the top so this will help protect your vehicle and your gear from scratches and abrasions.

It does come with the one key lock cylinders, one on each strap and the two keys that fit it. Again the quantity is the two straps. Now the length of the straps each one is ten foot in length. They do have a limited lifetime warranty, and just real quick I want to show you here how this operates. Basically if you stick the key in and actually on the rubberized housing you can actually see its marked locked position.

If you turn it a quarter of a turn it will say unlocked position, and then theres an arrow pointing that way. Basically, what thats telling you is that if you unlock it, and then you just pull this rubberized housing toward you can actually see how it will give you access to this lever. Basically what that lever does is at the very end of the lever there are teeth in it that will engage into the strap. So basically once you wrap your strap around whatever youre going to be tying down, put the end, push down on this lever so it opens up, push your strap through there as far as you need to go, let off on that lever, and you can see it will grip and lock that strap into place. If you need to adjust it, just push down on the lever and pull it whichever way you need.

Once thats all done, to keep anybody from pushing on that lever and retracting your strap, is you just push this down, turn it to the locked position which is a quarter of a turn, pull the key out, and that is all locked and its covered that lever in there so its all ready to go. And then when you need to get to it, just put in the key, turn it the quarter of a turn, pull back on this, and you have your lever right there; very simple, easy installation and way to tie down your cargo. And, again, this comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and a quantity of two straps. And that should do it for the review on part number TH832, the Thule Multipurpose Locking Straps with the rubber housing.

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