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Thule Roof Rack - Feet - TH450 Review

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Review of Thule Roof Rack TH450

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Thule Crossroad Mounting System for Race Side Rails. This mounting system allows you to transform your vehicles factory raised side rails into a flexible multi purpose roof rack system. Now each foot pack can slide along a Thule Square Load Bar for easy adjusting to fit your vehicles raised side rails. Each foot pack has this rubber coated steel strap, it's gonna provide maximum strength and a nice fit. They also feature the integrated rubber lining on the bottom of each foot, that's gonna keep the side rails fully protected from surface damage. Located in the end cap of each foot pack is an integrated tool for easy installation and tightening of the strap. So you bring the strap around your raised side rails, place it into the foot pack, take the end cap with the included tool, and you just start tightening in that bolt to get the strap secured around the raised side rails.

Once you're done, slides into the foot pack housing, stows out of the way. Really nice design. The unit's also gonna come with four end caps for Thule Load Bars, load bars are not included, they are sold separately and available at This plastic piece right here, in each foot, can be removed and replaced with locks, one key system locks are sold separately and available at, this will require four lock cylinders. Again, this Crossroad Mounting System is for use with Thule Square Load Bars. And it's also available in a half pack, with part number TH4502. That's gonna do it for today's look at the Thule Crossroad Mounting System for raised side rails..