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Review of Thule Wheel Chocks - Wheel Stabilizer - TH307617

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Thule Wheel Chocks - Wheel Stabilizer - TH307617 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone I'm Ellen here at Today, we're taking a look at the Thule RV wheel leveler set. Is going to give you two wheel level chocks, so you can get everything leveled out front to back, or maybe side to side. These are going to be made of a durable HDPE material, which is going to be UV proof. So it's not going to fade or crack in the sun. It's going to be a really durable high density, plastic material.

On the underside, we'll have kind of a lattice work to act as a support for our levelers here. There's also several holes. So if you wanted to permanently attach them to a position, you can do that. Several different holes there or if you want to run a rope through these to make a little easier, to put them in place and take them out, you can do that as well.At the back there's a little cutout for your hand to grab it, makes it easier to put it in place. It does have this kind of ziggurat style shape, so it kind of steps up and down to give you several different heights for getting your RV or your van leveled out.

It has a 10,000 pound weight capacity for the set. So for each one, individually, it's 5,000 pounds of weight that it can handle. And as far as those sizes, the top most piece. I'm going to turn these to the side, so you can actually see that. The topmost lip here, where your tire will rest, it's about five and three quarter inches tall.

That highest actual platform where a tire can rest, it's about four inches or excuse me, about four and a half inches tall. Next step down, it's about three inches. And then about two, or excuse me, about one and three quarter.And as far as the overall length, it kind of slides down here, angles out at the front, so I'm going to go from that bottom edge and it's about 22 inches long and about seven and five eights inches wide. You might notice that there's some grooves here or little sort of teeth in that wedge to help put some friction against your tires, so it's not going to roll back. They're angled more this way and then if you come back this way, it's a straighter edge, so it's kind of like a little trapezoid shape.

Come get a little closer to the camera so you can see what I'm talking about there. So helps to give a little bit of grip for your tire. So it doesn't want to slide back off of that ramp.It does also come with a storage bag to make putting these into your lower storage compartment on your RV, a little simpler or putting it in your trunk or your cargo space. So if you just set them one on top of the other, those teeth kind of help to hold those two on top of each other and in this position,It's about six inches tall, six and a quarter inches tall, still, of course, 22 inches long, maybe a little bit longer since there's a little bit of an overlap. We can unfold our bag and place those down inside. So I'm just going to do these one at a time, make it a little bit easier on myself. So I think this is going to be a nice set. The addition of the bag is always nice, so you have somewhere to keep these, stow them away rather than them just being loose and kind of flying all over the placeThey fit just easily in there and there's some also some smaller pockets on either side. So if you want to put some bungee cables or chords or anything on the side to keep it with those, you can. Then there's just a little hook and loop fastener to keep that closed and a handle at the top, so you can easily transport it. We'll have two small pockets on the one side and then one nice long mesh pocket on the other. So again, put in some little accessories and keep everything nice and tidy comes with a two year warranty and that's going to do it for our look at the Thule RV wheel levelers..

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