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TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair TM-2BRASS Review

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Review of TireMinder Accessories and Parts TM-2BRASS

Today we're gonna take a look at the brass transmitters for Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This is for a quantity of two of them. Now, these transmitters are designed to work with the Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. These will basically replace your valve stem caps on the vehicles that have the rubber and brass or metal valve stems. I happened to pull .. Here's an example.

Here's your rubber and brass style and here's your metal. It'll work on either one of those. These transmitters will transmit tire information back to the Tire Minder monitor and it transmits both tire pressure and tire temperature. The transmitters themselves weigh only a half an ounce so they will not affect tire balance. The part does include everything shown here. It includes the two transmitters, the two replaceable CR1632 batteries and the two locking rings.

And just to give you a dimension on one of the transmitters, diameter of them is about three-quarters of an inch. Overall height is right at about one inch. And I just want to show you . I'm gonna take one of the . Here's your rubber and brass. So how to install these, first what you want to do is unscrew the cap on the transmitter and you'll see that's right where your battery will slide in, right underneath that connector there.

It'll say "positive" on top, "negative" on the bottom. Slide your battery in. Once your battery is installed, go ahead and put your cap back in, tighten it down and then what you want to do is take your valve stem, if it has a cap on it, take the cap off, go ahead and put your locking nut or locking ring all the way down. Take your transmitter, go ahead and screw that onto your valve stem and you want to make sure to put it, snug it up very tight because what happens is, that'll push down on the valve core and that'll be able to read your pressure and your temperature. Once you get it tightened down enough, then just run the lock ring up there, snug it up and then tighten that on so it holds it into place. Simple installation, just like that.

And again, as I mentioned, it'll work on either the rubber and brass or the metal stems. Go ahead and remove it. But that should do it for the review on the brass transmitters for the Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring System for a quantity of two.

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