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Review of TireMinder TPMS - RV,Trailer - TM-A1A-6

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TireMinder TPMS - RV,Trailer - TM-A1A-6 Review

Today we're taking a look at the Tire Minder RV tire pressure monitoring system. This system allows for constant monitoring of a vehicle or trailer's tire pressure and temperature. Now this system can receive wireless information from up to 22 tires, ranging from 0 to 232 psi. So, very versatile system. It comes with six transmitters, but you can always add more if and when needed. This makes it awesome for multiple tire layouts, such as a camper, truck and camper, truck and fifth wheel, RV and towed vehicle, truck and trailer, or a single coach with six wheels.It comes with the hard wired booster.

So that's right here. It's got the antennas on it, it's got the aligator clips that way you can easily connect it to a power and ground connection. Can be connected to any power source that provides a constant or always on 12 or 24 volt power. So we have that and that's our booster. And right here on the remote we have the antenna that can come out to extend the wireless range.Now the booster, not only provides greater signal distance, but it helps eliminate any signal interference.

Again the unit comes with six transmitters, inside our little storage case here, we have all the batteries. So, batteries are all included. The transmitters, which are these here, they simply screw onto the valve stem of each tire. Each transmitter features a weather resistant design. To install the battery, it's really simple, you just take this, cap comes off and exposes the installation area for the batteries.Now the monitor, which is this device here, it's a really nice compact unit but also provides nice screen size.

It's rechargeable and features a really nice display. It displays your psi and temperature for each individual tire, it has a battery indicator that allows you to know when it needs to be recharged, it comes with the power cable and it also comes with the accessory plug. Now this can be used to plug into the accessory or 12 volt outlet on your vehicle or you can also plug it directly into a wall outlet. You got your USB connections there for your cable, that's a really nice design of the unit but again, the monitor is rechargeable.It also offers visual and audible high/low pressure alarms. You can customize the monitor to your needs so you can raise or lower the baseline pressures for each tire.

This really allows you to teach the monitor what pressures you run in your rig and set-up. It notifies you of many different alerts such as rapid air loss or blow-out, semi-rapid air loss, normal pressure loss, high temperature warning, high pressure alert and so on. It also features single action memory delete which allows you to delete information if and when needed. It features front and rear disconnect and reconnect modes as well, has an auto-search mode. So, very easy to get set-up. Very simple to use. It comes with everything laid out here on the table so you get the booster, the monitor, you get your little storage kit, power cord, charger. You get some cable ties, so if you have any wiring that you need to secure up and out of the way you can do that. You get your transmitters.Right here, this is your locking wrench with valve cord tool, also in here we have some extra o-rings for the transmitters, and we have the six anti-theft locking nuts, which keeps the transmitters from being taken away or being stolen.It also comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, this is a magnetic mounting bracket which allows you to mount the monitor with adhesive tape and the metal plates there. You can mount this to a convenient area in your vehicle cab, so that way you can always monitor the transmitters, you can always monitor your tires.That's going to do it for today's look at the Tire Minder RV pressure monitoring system.