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Review of TireMinder TPMS - RV - Trailer - TM49FR

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TireMinder TPMS - RV - Trailer - TM49FR Review

Jeff: Hello, everybody. This is Jeff from Today, we're going to take a look at this TireMinder Bluetooth TPMS for RVs, with this LCD monitor and the four external tire sensors.This TPMS system will let you monitor your RV's tire pressure and tire temperature, via this included LCD monitor or you could even use your own smartphone. This will work great with your motor home, fifth wheel, or trailer. If you use your own smartphone, does have a TireMinder app that'll let you use your smartphone as a monitor. You can receive notifications on your Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

Offers optional data logging which will let you review the changes in tire pressure and temperature over the course of your trip and it is iPhone, iPad and Android compatible.The system does come with this large, easy to read LCD monitor, provides a nice early warning detection with visual and audible alerts. Just going to zoom in a little bit here so we can get a better look at the monitor. I'm going to show you . I'm going to turn it on. Right up here at the very top is a button.

If you push that button, you can see it'll turn on.This will detect blowouts, significant pressure changes in tire temperatures exceeding 167 degrees. And basically, now it's saying monitoring. If you go down and push the up and down buttons simultaneous, hold it for a few seconds, now it's going to the learn mode. So once you put your sensors on, it'll learn where they're located and you can put them in there. Then you go ahead and once that's all set and go back, it says monitor.

You notice right there it says PSI.So if you press that button, it'll say Fahrenheit over here. If you want to change, if you hold that down a few seconds, give you the option. You can see the PSI's flashing. If you hit the down arrow, you can change it to bar if you want to put the pressure bar in there. If you want to go back to the PSI hit that again, you go over, you can see it's showing Fahrenheit as a temperature.

If you hit your arrow button, it'll go to Celsius. So you could set it and put it whatever you want it to read at. And then just hit . Hold that again, it'll go back to your monitoring just like that.It does refresh automatically with new tire information every four minutes. It is a color display, so it does show warnings in red and yellow, so it makes it very easy to read quickly. And then to turn it off, you can just hold this button down about 10 seconds. And after 10 seconds you can see it'll go right off.The monitor holder right here, it's designed to mount to your windshield or your dashboard using this suction cup. Zoom out just a little bit. There We go. Has a ball and socket joint right up here and it'll let you adjust the monitor to optimal viewing position, and it is magnetic so basically, you can see, it'll attach and hold it. You can attach it and basically it'll bend whichever position you need. You could even turn it horizontally if you prefer. Multiple positions. And it does adhere by the suction cup, so you just push that down all the way and it'll adhere to your dash or your windshield.It does include this USB charger, which will plug into your vehicles 12 volt accessory outlet or into a wall charger. Does come with this micro USB charging cable. The four tire sensors it comes with, these will check your tire pressure and temperature every six seconds. They are a brass construction. They're designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome or nickel valve stems and they use upgraded sensors to provide accurate reading within one PSI. The sensors do install easily onto your tire's valve stem. They just screw on. It does have locking hardware that you can actually lock these to your valve stem so nobody can just come along and remove them. The wrench will tighten them down and it has a valve core, too, also.It does come with the batteries, gives you eight of them with four sensors. You just need four of them, but it gives you an extra four. They are included. And you can see to put the battery in, you just unscrew the top here, take the cap off and your battery will slide right in there. It tells you what position to put it in and then there's a little O-ring that'll seal the cap once you put it on there. They do give you extra O-rings, also.You can purchase additional sensors if you want to monitor up to 22 tires. We do sell those separately on our website. It does have this booster right here. It's a Rhino booster, which will strengthen your sensor signal, eliminates any electronic interference. And it has this nice storage bag for your monitor. I did notice that you can't really put it in there with the antenna on there, so if you just unscrew the antenna it'll fit nicely into your storage bag. You put your antenna in there and then you can zip it closed. Has a nice handle on it. And then when you take it out, all you have to do is screw back on your antenna.Few specs on this, we'll start with the tire sensors. These tire sensors . Give you a few measurements on it. The diameter of them at the widest point is about three quarters of an inch. The height on them, that'd be right about one inch tall. Pressure range on them is zero PSI to 199 PSI. Operating frequency is 433 megahertz and the operating temperature range is a negative four degrees Fahrenheit up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Battery life on this is about nine months to 14 months.On the monitor, dimensions on that . Overall height, not including the antenna is about five and three quarter inches. Including the intent is about seven and a half inches. The width of it is right at four inches wide and the depth is only about three quarters of an inch deep. Screen dimension from corner to corner is right about five inches. Battery life on the monitor's about two weeks to four weeks and the recharge time is about six hours.And it does come with this nice operating manual that'll describe everything of how to set it up, how it operates. But that should do it for the review on the TireMinder Bluetooth TPMS for RVs with this LCD monitor and the four external sensors.

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