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Review of TireMinder TPMS Sensor Monitoring System - RV - Trailer - TM58FR

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TireMinder TPMS Sensor Monitoring System - RV - Trailer - TM58FR Review

Hello everybody this is Jeff from Today we'll take a look at the TireMinder Smart TPMS monitoring system for the RVs and trailers with the Bluetooth adapter and the six flow through transmitters. Now this TPMS system will let your monitor your RV or your trailer's tire pressure, and temperatures straight from your smartphone and tablet using the TireMinder TPMS app. And you can get that app by going into the operating manual, and they have a QR code that if you scan that with your phone, you get your app on your phone. I happened to do that with my phone. I have an iPhone 8 plus here, and you can see the app showing there and shows you how to set it up, once you get it connected.

Now this is designed to work great on your MotorHome, your 5th Wheel or your trailer. You can get real time pressure and temperature notifications on your smartphone without having to add another device to the dash of your vehicle. And it's compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the Android smart devices. It does require iOS seven and higher Android 4.4 and higher with Bluetooth 4.0 capability. Now this kit will include everything I got laid out here on the table.

We'll start with the Bluetooth adapter, the signal booster, the six flow-through transmitters with the six locking nuts and the locking wrench, and some replacement "O" rings. Comes with the AC/DC adapter with a micro USB cable. Gives you 12 extra CR1632 lithium batteries, and a nice storage bag to carry everything all together in one place. Now this Bluetooth adapter right here. This is designed to install anywhere on your vehicle within range of your smart device.

The maximum range is 30 feet. They do recommend to be within about 10 feet is the best. And that will allow you to connect to your smart device. Right here, the signal booster. This is a rhino signal booster, strengthens the sensor signal using the 433 MHz transmitters.

It eliminates electronic interference with other wireless devices. And this is fully weatherproof. It installs on the under carriage. It is designed to connect to a 12 volt and 24 volt DC power. Now, the sensors right here, that comes with six of 'em, and these are flow-through sensors so they'll let you monitor each tire individually. And because there are flow through, what's nice, it allows tires to be inflated or deflated without removing the sensor. You can leave your sensor locked onto your valve stem, and then just move the cap here. And it'll let you gain access to putting more air into your tires or removing air, whatever you need. Now, the sensors do install easily onto your tire's valve stems, and they do lock in place using these included lock nuts and the lock wrench to tighten them down so nobody can take the sensors off your valve stones. They are a nice brass construction. They are designed for use on rubber, steel, chrome, or nickel valve stems. And they are also very lightweight only about 0.7 ounces. So they eliminate the need to have to rebalance your tires. And they do use upgraded sensors to provide accurate reading within one PSI and they'll check the tire pressure and temperature every six seconds. Now, we do also sell additional sensors. If you'd need more to let your monitor up to 22 tires. And again, if you notice it comes with the extra "O" rings and the extra batteries, so if your battery wears out and you need to replace it, all you have to do is unscrew the cap right here. Your battery will install right in there. And then again, there's a little "O"ring that goes around the bottom here that you'll want to replace the same time you replace the battery. And then when you put your cap back on and tighten it down, it secures it, and you're all ready to go. Now it does come with this nice USB charger, which will plug into your vehicle's 12 volt accessory outlet using this side or on the back, you can pop down and you plug here and plug it into an AC wall outlet, comes with the micro USB charging cable. And we mentioned the nice storage bag to keep everything together. Now, a few specs on this, starting with the tire sensors, pressure range is zero PSI to 232 PSI Operating frequency is 433Mhz And the operating temperature range,4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bluetooth adapter here, this has a battery recharge time of about six hours. Give you a dimension on this. The width of it, try to two and a half inches. The height, including the antenna, all the way to the very top is gonna be right at about six inches. The depth of this is only gon' be right at three quarters of an inch. And the booster, the signal booster, the size on that, now, we're gonna include the antennas on that. So that's going to be height wise right at about four and a quarter inches tall. Width-wise, including the mounting tabs, two and a half inches. And the depth at the widest point, which will be at the top is about seven eighths of an inch. And if you notice, it does have a wire on it, and wire length is about three feet and it comes with the positive and negative alligator clips. But that should do it, for the review on this TireMinder Smart TPMS monitoring system for RVs and trailers. With the Bluetooth adapter and the six flow through transmitters..

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