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Review of TireMinder TPMS - Trailer - TPMS-TRL-2

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TireMinder TPMS - Trailer - TPMS-TRL-2 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Tire Minder TPMS for single axle trailers. This is going to be an easy to use system to keep constant watch over your tire pressure as you're going down the road. This has a solar powered monitor with LCD display. Right now it just has this little sticker to kind of illustrate what it'll look like when it's actually plugged in. But it can attach to your windshield with the adhesive on the back. Just pull these and then it'll be more of a permanent install or you can just place these hook and loop pieces over the top of that to attach in a more temporary or removable fashion.

So it'll be the same thing, you'll just have the two pieces that'll go together, hook and loop, stick it into place and mount it up that way. Whenever you go to mount that up, you'll want to make sure you clean off the area really well to make sure that that adhesive sticks.Then we'll get our two actual sensors. These are going to go on our valve stem to monitor that pressure. If we open this up, and see that's where our battery will go. It comes with two sets of two batteries.

We'll get four total, so we'll have one to place in there for our initial use and then two backups for later on down the road when we need to replace those batteries. They are labeled, a little bit hard to see, but that one says one and the other one says two. So that's going to refer to how they are displayed on our monitor. We also have our signal booster to go on our, either our camper or our toy hauler, whatever we might be using, or an RV. You want to make sure that you mount this somewhere that's going to be kind of out of the way, maybe under the chassis or on your pin box, so just don't want to install this in a metal container, so not one of your storage compartments.It is waterproof and weather resistant so it can stay outside, but you just want to make sure that it's protected as much as possible to make sure that it works properly at all times.

And then we'll have our two little aligator clamps to connect it to the battery on our vehicle. The cable for this is about 40 inches long roughly, so you should have about three feet of length to get this connected to where you need it to be and that helps to boost our signal, make sure that we get a constant connection between our monitor and the actual sensors. That monitor has a mini-USB cord to charge that up. It is solar powered, but on those days, whenever it's cloudy or we're driving at night, it does have a lithium battery inside to power this and we can charge that via the mini-USB cord.We'll have two jam nuts to make sure that our sensors don't go anywhere. This is going to have, kind of lock it into place and it comes with a little tool so you can tighten that down once the sensor's in place.

That little wrench just goes underneath and tightens those jam nuts down. Makes it hard for anybody to get those off of there without that specialized tool. We'll also get some zip ties to make sure all our wiring is nice and buttoned up. Whenever you're running this you want to make sure that it stays away from anything hot, anything moving or any sharp edges, so that you don't wear through that wire because you will be moving down the road, there's a little bit of vibration so you want to make sure that that wire is buttoned up nicely.So this is everything that you see here, is what we're going to get with the system. As far as dimensions, our tire pressure monitors measure about three quarters of an inch in diameter and they're about five eighths of an inch tall. They both weigh about point three ounces.Do I need to measure our batteriesAnd then our booster measures about three and three eighths inches long, by about one and three quarters wide and it's about one and an eight tall. We'll have two mounting holes on the back there so we can use some self tapping screws. Now those are not provided with the kit, but you could always attach them with zip ties, if you're careful about it. And those, the distance between those two, it's about three inches. Our display is three and a quarter inch long by two and a half inches tall and about one and an eighth inch deep. That weighs just a pound and a half. The backup battery type for our monitor is a lithium ion phosphate and it does, again, have our two sensors so we can get two tires attached. Comes with some instructions to help us get everything installed. And it does come with a one year limited warranty from Tire Minder.That's going to do it for our look at the Tire Minder TPMS single axle trailer.

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