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TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair - TPMS - TM55C-A Review

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Review of TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair TM55C-A

Today we're going to be take a look at the TireMinder tire pressure monitoring system for TPMS aluminum valve stems. Now, this kit is designed for cars, trucks, and SUVs, not made for RVs. This is perfect for upgrading your vehicle's existing TPMS to real-time PSI and temperature readings. The TireMinder system can monitor up to five tires, including a spare, with the addition of an extra transmitter which we do sell separately on our website. Now, this kit is designed for tires running 80 PSI or below that have the TPMS aluminum valve stems, and it continually updates while in motion. The data on all the tires is visible with no need to scroll, so you can check status at a glance and stay focused on the road.

Has a neat, slick, contoured, easy-to-read monitor, updates the information every four minutes, and it clearly identifies any problem tires. It does again give you real-time tire pressure and tire temperature readings for each tire. It also gives you visual and audible high / low pressure alarms to help protect your tires, and it'll even give you blowout alarms. The transmitters, which are these four items right here, they're designed to screw on to the valve stem. You screw them on like that. They weight only .3 of an ounce.

These transmitters do have replaceable batteries, and they are lightweight external transmitters which easily transferrable to winter tires and back to summer tires. The kit does include everything shown here on the table. It includes the monitor itself, USB cable and the car charger for charging it, this nice adjust able suction cup mounting bracket that you can see, just open it up, put your monitor in there, and just squeeze the rubber protected arms so they don't damage it. To remove it, just push the button again to remove it. It comes with the four transmitters, four anti-theft locks. Includes eight of the CR-1632 batteries for the transmitters, and a nice detailed operations manual.

I do want to give you a dimension on the monitor itself. The width on it is right at 2 and 1/8 inches wide, overall height is about 3 and 1/4 inches tall, and the depth is only 5/8 of an inch deep. I do want to demo this, we're going to plug this into a twelve volt power supply just to show you the readings and what it looks like. You want to go ahead and take the charger right here, go ahead and plug it in. You'll see the green light comes on. Take our cable, go ahead and plug the cable in.

That has the micro USB right there. Match that up to the monitor, and then all you have to do, I'm going to go ahead and zoom in here. If you push the middle button, you can see as you push the middle button it'll show you there's the battery being charged right now, and you have a down and up button. What's nice about that is you can see right now it's showing PSI rating, for pounds per square inch and kPa, which is kilopascal, and in temperature it'll show Celsius or Fahrenheit. So if you want to change this from the temperature, you can see now it's Celsius. Push it again, now it's showing Fahrenheit. If you go to the other one, it says up, that'll change it to PSI. Push it again, it changes up to kPa, the kilopascal. You can see there it'll give you all four, one look at this, it'll show all four tire pressures and tire temperatures. Then this will automatically go off if there's no activity for 15 minutes. But that should do it for the review on the TireMinder tire pressure monitoring system for the TPMS aluminum valve stems.