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TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair - TPMS - TPMS-APP-6 Review

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Review of TireMinder Tire Inflation and Repair TPMS-APP-6

Today we're going to take a look at the TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your smartphone with the signal booster, and six transmitters. Now this is the next generation of tire pressure monitoring for your RV. It'll give you your information right on your smartphone or your tablet. The kit includes everything shown here on the table. It includes this TireMinder Bluetooth adapter, this USB car charger with the micro-USB cable. The Rhino signal booster with a 3-foot long hardwired for connection. The six transmitters that will go on to your valve stems.

Has this package of six locking nuts that'll lock them to the valve stems, and the locking wrench is included in there. And on the other side of the locking wrench is a valve core tool. Also has six O-rings. Now it does also give you 12 of the CR1632 replacement batteries, some extra cable ties, a nice carryall zippered pouch to carry everything in, and a very nice, thick operating manual. Now this is a TireMinder Smart TPMS system that allows you to conveniently monitor your tires, provide safety alerts to help you achieve a greater level of peace in mind while your traveling. This is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices.

Does require iOS 7 or higher, or Android 4.4 or higher. I am going to demonstrate it on my iPhone right here just to show you how it works. This will monitor your tire pressure and temperature for up to 22 tires. It'll register zero to 232 PSI. Now this kit comes with six transmitters for our six tires, you just put them on to the top of your, remove your valve cap and put these on in place of that. It will read units of pressure in PSI, KPA, which is Kilo Pascal, and Bar, which is Barometric.

And it will also read the internal temperature of your tires in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Checks for tire issues every six seconds, and you can automatically scroll between all the tire positions. Has an auto-update function, allows updated pressure readings in a touch, and you can easily add and remove transmitters with a simple press of a button. Transmitters are accurate from plus or minus 3%. This is a sophisticated alert system which provides early warning detection of tire issues. It will alert you for pressure loss, pressure increase, and high internal tire temperature.

It'll notify you on your device, and even on the Bluetooth adaptor itself, gives you a push notification alert system. Now the adaptor right here, it's a 433 MHz to Bluetooth adaptor which will maximize signal range. Has a maximum range of about 30 feet, but it is required to have it within about 10 feet of your device. There's a power button right on top, when you push that button, there'll be a blue light that'll start blinking, that means it's on. When blue light is blinking it is connected. I'm going to just zoom in a little bit so we can see what we're talking about here. So you can see I turned it on, the blue light is flashing so it means we're connected, it's connected to my phone. If it was a solid light that means it's not connected. And then to turn it off you just hold that button down for three seconds and it would turn it off. In the very middle right here, it'll show a light, it's an alert light in the very middle, it'll blink when there's a tire issue to alert you besides on your device. And at the very bottom there'll be a battery light for the adaptor here on the bottom. If there's no light like it is now, it's fully charged, if that light would be blinking, that means the battery is low, and when you're charging it'll show a solid light. Zoom back out here. The other nice thing is that if your phone or the device you're watching it on is off, doesn't matter, this Bluetooth adaptor will provide constant alert protection. And it also includes this right here, which is your brand new Rhino signal booster. This signal booster is crucial on multi-wheel vehicles to get more range. It has a power light and a signal light, and it includes the 3-foot long hardwire to connect it. I do want to give you some dimensions on the Bluetooth adaptor itself. The width on it is right at 2-1/2". The overall height not including the antenna is about 4-1/4" tall. If you want to include the antenna, it's up to about 6", and the depth of it is only about 5/8" deep. Now what I do want to show you, I do have my smartphone here, and I have downloaded the app, and if we can zoom in just a little bit, and right down here is I got the app downloaded, and you can see it's flashing so it means it's connected, so if I just push the app you can see it pops up the screen, and it'll show you monitoring mode. Up here if we had it connected, if the transmitters we're on it would show the PSI or whatever unit of pressure you wanted to put it in, and up here is the temperature of tire. Here it'll show you the battery that's remaining on your Bluetooth adaptor. That's the home. If you hit learn, that'll give you all the positions, you can just pick where you want to, if you hit learning mode, pick a spot wherever you want to put the transmitter, you can move it all around wherever you want. There's a delete mode, and then over here is the baselines that you would set, what pressures and all that. Very simple to operate, very easy to read. Back to the home. That should do it for the review on the TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your smartphone with signal booster and six transmitters.

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