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Review of Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4854010

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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4854010 Review

Hello, everybody this is [email protected] Today. We're going to take a look at this Titan hydraulic drum brake actuator with the drop for two and five 16 diameter hitch balls, and has a 20,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this hydraulic actuator will activate your trailer brakes when your tow vehicle slows or stops. Basically what happens is when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, the deceleration occurs and the momentum will push your trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. So with the surge brake system, the actuators triggered as your trailer moves forward.

Once your tow vehicle starts to slow down. So when this happens, this inner slide portion of the actuator will contract and applies force to the master cylinder back here, and then this in turn supplies, the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage your trailer's brakes.Now this actuator has a nice corrosion resistant zinc plated finish on it, and it is a unique roller design. You can see the drovers here and then a couple of write-ups here. This is how produced to resistance during the telescoping to help create a nice straight line movement. Also, if you notice on all the rollers, they do use grease cert fittings on the ends, exit easy for lubrication.

You just attach your grease in there and you can pump grease in there to lubricate the rollers. This is a sturdy, durable steel construction, and resist bending in any jackknife situations. And we mentioned it has the Trop. You can see how this drops down. This built-in drop will help you match your tow vehicle height.

The trigger latch right here allows for nice, safe, easy coupling, and uncoupling has a nice circle grip here that you makes the latch simple to use. You just open it up and now it's open. You can drop it onto your ball once it's on the ball and you can just pull it back up and just release it and it'll lock into place and lock onto your ball.Now on this one, it does include at the back here, you can see this built in shield. This is for protection of an electrical reverse lockout solenoid application. Now this one does not come with the electrical reverse lockout, but it does have the shield that if you do add one and a note on this is because this model does not include that reverse lockout.

It is recommended that you equip it with either the electrical reverse lockout solenoid, or you can even do free backing brakes on the trailer so that you can drive in reverse without triggering your trailer's brakes.Now, this does include this breakaway chain here. This chain right here, you can see the connection to this lever. This is required by law prevents a trailer runaway situation. Basically you hook this to your tow vehicle, and then what happens if by chance, this comes detached from your tow vehicle. It'll pull on this chain, which will pull this lever and that lever will activate the master cylinder to apply brakes and prevent a runaway situation.Now, this is a bolt on installation. You can see right down here at the bottom mounts to a straight four inch wide trailer tongue inside measurement is four inches on this and the specs on this. Again, this is for trailers with hydraulic drum brakes, the gross towing weight capacity on this is 20,000 pounds. Maximum tongue weight capacity is 2000 pounds and it is designed to fit a standard hitch ball size of two and five 16 inch diameter. But that should do it for the review on the Titan hydraulic drum brake actuator with the drop for a two and five 16 diameter hitch ball and has a 20,000 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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