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Review of Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4857020

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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4857020 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at this Titan brake actuator with electric lockout.This is going to mount onto your trailer with a three inch wide straight tongue. And with disc brakes, this will apply the brakes on your trailer when you are slowing and stopping your vehicle. Basically, the way this works as your vehicle comes to a stop, the momentum of the trailer is going to keep pushing it forward, which will then cause the actuator to compress. As it compresses, it's going to pump that hydraulic fluid to your hydraulic brakes to apply the brakes and slow your trailer down as well.Now, this does have a really nice, unique roller design, that's going to help reduce resistance as it is telescoping in and out, and it's going to help create a nice straight line movement, so you're not going to have to worry about binding or getting stuck or anything like that.This does have a sturdy, durable steel frame, steel construction to it.

So it's going to be very strong for you. It's got a total gross towing weight capacity of 12,500 pounds, a maximum tongue weight, or downward pressure on your ball of 1,250 pounds. And because it does have that steel construction, it's going to help resist any bending during jackknife situations. So it should hold up well and do a good job for you.This does also have the electric reverse lockout. So with the same concept of when the momentum is causing this to condense, it will apply the brakes.

If you we're to try and reverse, that would cause your vehicle to condense this, so your brakes would theoretically be applied. That's why they have that electric lockout. So this will tap into your trailer's electrical plug so that anytime you have your vehicle in the reverse position, that is going to lock out that brake function, so you will be able to reverse without the brakes coming on in your vehicle or on your trailer.You will need to have a five pole, six pole, or seven pole trailer connector for this to operate correctly. And this will just wire right in to your trailer's wiring to allow you to have that locked out functionality.Another really nice feature about this actuator is our offset adjustable channel here. So you will have to mount your coupler in here.

You've got five different mounting options so that you can make sure that your trailer is going to be right at the perfect height for your hitch ball to make sure that everything is riding level, and you're not going to have anything out of alignment. This does have a little bit of a drop, as you can see, it's not exactly centered. So it's going to be great for your taller trailers where you might need to have that coupler set a little bit lower so that it's going to be even with your hitch ball. So lots of different adjustability there to make sure that everything is going to be lined up properly.This does also have the breakaway kit included. So you'll hook on your chain to your tow vehicle.

This is going to help in an emergency situation if your coupler we're to become disconnected from your ball. Instead of having your trailer just hopping down the road on its own, that will help to pull this lever forward, which will apply the brakes in your trailer, helping the trailer to come to a stop on its own, to make things more safe, so you don't have to worry about those emergency situations as much.You can see over here, we do have a built-in grease Zerk, that's going to help keep our handle and different components well lubricated, so very easy to keep maintained. This does have a corrosion resistant zinc plating on it to help prevent rust and corrosion, those sorts of things, so should last you a nice long time, give you lots of braking power for your trailer as you're going down the road.So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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Gary G.
What does the emergency break away lever push against to apply the brakes in case the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Victoria B.

I reached out to my technical contact at Titan and he confirmed that the breakaway lever locks to the push rod, thus engaging and holding the brakes on.

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