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Review of Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Drum Brake Actuator - T4856720

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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Drum Brake Actuator - T4856720 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this, Titan Adjustable Channel Down Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuator with the reverse lockout. It has a 20,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this hydraulic actuator will activate your trailer brakes when your tow vehicle slows or stops. Basically what happens is when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, deceleration occurs, and the momentum will push your trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. So with the surge brake system the actuator is triggered as your trailer moves forward, once your tow vehicle starts to slow down.

So when that happens, this inner slide of the actuator, will contract towards the back, and applies force to the master cylinder back here, and this in turn supplies necessary hydraulic pressure, to engage your trailer's brakes. I wanna mention this rollers on this. This uses a unique roller design. You can see there's two right here, and then there's two right down here. This unique roller design will reduce resistance during the telescoping, to help create a nice straight line movement.

If you notice on each roller, it has the grease circ fitting on the end that allows you to attach a grease gun and pump grease into the roller. So it makes for easy lubrication. This is a nice sturdy steel construction, resists any bending and jackknife situations. And we did mention the electric reverse lockout solenoid, which is this from the very back here, connects to your brake line. Basically this will let you back up without actuating your trailer brakes.

This electric reverse lockout on the actuator, will automatically activate, when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse. You can see the wires on it. These will wire into your trailer connector, which will connect to your tow vehicle, so that it can detect when you're in reverse. So when you put your vehicle in reverse, the solenoid ensures that the hydraulic actuator, does not activate your trailer brakes. Allows you to back up your vehicle.

Now to use this lockout feature, you must have a five way flat, six way round, or a seven way trailer connector on your vehicle. Also if you notice the built in shield, they have around the solenoid, that helps protect it from the and from any damage. We have a channel upfront here, you can see is an offset adjustable channel, has five different mounting positions for your coupler. Now the coupler that goes in here, is not included. We do sell those separately on our website. But channeled down, it has a built-in drop. It's great for tall trailers. And that's because it will. This adjustable channels position, so that the mounted coupler you can see, will sit below the actuator tube itself. So it allows for a greater drop than with a standard center mounted channel. So as a result, you can line up your tall trailers with your tow vehicles hitch for a nice level set up. Channel height on this. If we put a ruler on it, from the very bottom to the top, it's gonna be right at 12 inches. The inside width, is the standard three inch width, and the distance between the holes from one hole to the next hole, center to center, gonna be right at two inches. Now this does also include the breakaway chain, and hook. Let me just show you that one hook here. You can see this chain with the hook on the end, and the chain you can see, is attached to this lever. Now this is required by law. It is included, prevents a trailer runaway situation. Basically what you'll do with this, is you'll take this hook end, and extend your chain out hook it to your tow vehicle, and you can see it hooks to this lever. So basically what happens is if by chance, your trailer comes detached from your tow vehicle, it'll stretch this chain out, pull this lever forward, which in turn will activate the master cylinder to apply the brakes, to prevent a runaway situation. So this is required by law, and it is included. Now this does have a nice prime finish on the outer casing, a nice corrosion resistant zinc plating on the inner slide. It is a bolt on installation. You can see right down here where it bolt onto your trailer. It is designed to mount, to a straight three inch wide trailer tongue. Few specs on this. This is for trailers with drum brakes, gross towing weight capacity is 20,000 pounds, maximum tongue weight capacity of 2000 pounds. But that should do it for the review, on this Titan Adjustable Channel Down Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuator, with the reverse lockout, and a 20,000 pound gross towing weight capacity..