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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T2480000 Review

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Review of Titan Brake Actuator T2480000

Today, we're going to take a look at the Titan Zinc-Plated Drum Brake Actuator. This is the multi-fit ball design, has a 6,000-pound weight capacity. This hydraulic actuator will synchronize your trailer brakes with your tow vehicle brakes. Basically, what happens when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, deceleration occurs and the momentum will push your trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. With surge brake systems, this actuator is triggered as your trailer moves forward while the tow vehicle slows. The actuator will telescope, applying force to its master cylinder, which in turn supplies the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage your trailer brakes. This actuator happens to be a unique roller design to reduce resistance during the telescoping.

It creates straight line movement. This is a sturdy durable steel construction; it'll resist bending in any jackknife situations. This one happens to be a multi-fit ball design, so this will adjust to fit a 1 7/8" diameter ball, a 2" diameter, and even 50 millimeter diameter balls. Basically, this hand wheel right here, this will allow you to tighten the coupler head around the ball. You just push this lever down, and then turn this to adjust it to fit whatever size ball you're using. The Breakaway Kit is included, me inaudible 00:01:15 unhook it here.

The Breakaway Kit would be this cable with the S hook on one end. Connect to this lever. What the Breakaway Kit does is, you'll connect this to your tow vehicle, so in a case of if the trailer would detach from your tow vehicle, it would pull on this cable which would activate the lever. That would also activate the master cylinder, apply the brakes in the runaway trailer. This is all zinc-plated to provide corrosion resistance. It is a bolt-on installation.

If you look at the very bottom here, the holes on each side, this will allow you to bolt it on to your trailer tongue. This application is for hydraulic drum brakes. Again, we mention the multi-fit; it fits a ball size of 1 7/8", 2 ", or 50 millimeters. It mounts on a 3" right channel tongue on your trailer. Weight capacity is 6,000 pounds, and the maximum tongue weight capacity is 600 pounds.

One last note I do want to mention is, because this model does not have a reverse lockout at the back, it is recommended that you equip your trailer with three backing brakes so that you can drive in reverse without triggering your trailer's brakes. That should do it for the review on the Titan Zinc-Plated Drum Brake Actuator. This is a multi-fit ball design and a 6,000-pound weight capacity.