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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4339720 Review

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Review of Titan Brake Actuator T4339720

Speaker 1: Today we're talking a look at the Titan zinc plated brake actuator. This hydraulic actuator synchronizes your trailer brakes with your towed vehicle brakes. It easily adjusts to fit different hitch ball sizes so you can turn the hand wheel right here to tighten the coupler around your ball so it'll fit a one and seven eighth inch ball, a two inch ball, and 50 millimeter hitch balls.The cable that has the hook on it. This is the break away kit. So basically what happens is you would attach this to a connection point on the tow vehicle. In any event where the trailer and tow vehicle disconnect, if that we're to ever happen, the vehicle would pull on this cable.

It would pull on this latch right here, and then that would activate the trailers brakes, bringing it to a safe eventual stop.We're looking at a durable steel construction. And then we have a nice zinc plated finish on the whole unit, which is designed to resist rust and corrosion.And it is a bolt on installation, so you got two bolt holes right here, separated apart by three inches on center. Same thing right here. And this is designed for three inch wide channel tongues. So bolt on installation to three inch wide channel tongues.It also features the electric reverse lock out which lets you back up easily.

Again, it is designed for hydraulic drum brakes. Some adjustment may be required to fit those different size hitch balls that I talked about, and again you can do all of that with a simple turn of the hand wheel right here.Then when it comes to the capacity located right here on top, it has the capacities engraved in it, and it says 7,000 pound max capacity, and 700 pound maximum tongue weight capacity.This cap on top in the cap for the brake fluid reservoir, and then on the backside we have the shield or guard right here, and that protects the connection point, so it protects the connection point for the hydraulic line, and then you have you're two wire design because this is an electric actuator so hook up that way as well.It's really nice. Easy to install. Easy to use. And again, we are looking at a nice corrosion resistant design with this system.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Titan zinc plated brake actuator..