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Titan Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - T4745720 Review

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Review of Titan Brake Actuator T4745720

Take a look at the Titan bolt on zinc plated brake actuator with the electric lock out for disc brakes. This is a multi fit ball design, and it has a 6000 pound weight capacity. Now this hydraulic actuator will synchronize your trailer brakes with your tow vehicle brakes. This is made of a durable steel construction, has a zinc plating to provide extra corrosion resistance. It is an easily adjustable design a multi fit ball design. It will fit 1 7/8 inch, 2 inches, and 50 milometers. hitch balls, and you just adjust it to fit witch one by using this hand wheel right here.

Push the lever down and you can loosen this or tighten it depending what you need. Once you let the lever go and then turn it you can see it will lock it into that position. Breakaway kit right up here is included. The nice thing on this one it does have the electric reverse lock out feature right back here if you can see the solenoid that's attached to the back here that the brake line will go into to. This feature will actually let you back up without actuating your trailer brakes. The solenoid valve you notice has the two black wires, they will need to be connected.

One will go to the ground, the other goes to the reverse light circuit, and they are both black wires so either wire for either function, and when it's all wired up you basically put your vehicle in reverse, it'll automatically the solenoid will shut off the flow of the brake fluid to the cylinder. To use this feature you must have a five pole flat, 6 way round, or a 7 pole wiring harness. If you notice this has a nice built in zinc plated shield to protect the solenoid from the elements and from any damage so somebody doesn't step on it and bust it or break it. This is a bolt on instillation, if you notice the holes on the side. It is your standard 3in center to center measurement. This part is made in the USA, and again the specks on this, the application is for disc brakes. The ball size it fits is 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches, or 50 milometers.

Mounting is a 3 inch wide channel tone. Let me just put it this way and I'll be able to measure and show you. There's your 3 inches wide that will fit on the channel tone. Weight capacity again is 6000 pounds, the max of the tone weight is 600 pounds. That should do it on the review of the Titan bolt on zinc plated brake actuator with the electric lock out for disc brakes. Multi fit ball design, and a 6000 pound weight capacity..

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