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TorkLift Trailer Hitch - Custom Fit Hitch - TLC1204 Review

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Review of Tork Lift Trailer Hitch TLC1204

Today we're going to review part number TLC1204. This is the torque lift super hitch original class five trailer hitch receiver. This is a custom fit design with the dual two-inch receivers. It is designed to fit the 2001 to 2007 ChevroletGMC 2500 and 3500 HDshort bed trucks. This heavy duty hitch will let you tow heavy loads even with a hitch extension or weight distribution system. It is specifically designed to maintain the high weight capacity when used with the torque lift accessories which we do sell separately. You'll notice it has the dual vertically stacked receivers which will let you tow a trailer and use a hitch mounted bike or cargo carrier at the same time.

The receivers are compatible with your industry standard ball mounts and hitch accessories. Now the super hitch is a truck camper friendly torque lift design and by that they mean if you notice on the side plates for demonstration purposes I already have the side plates installed to the cross tube and if you'll notice on the end right here there's these pre-drilled holes, those are made to accept the torque lift camper tie-downs that we do sell separately and it's also designed to use the torque lift super truss extension in other words if you get a truck camper that might extend over the rear of your truck and your hitch would be buried underneath there and you couldn't get to it you need to put an extension out to it. If you use the torque lift hitch . or the torque lift super truss extension that we sell separately they range anywhere from twenty-one inches in length to sixty inches, it would install in both of these receivers and then it has the chains with turn buckles on the side that you would attached and tighten down and it gives you the support to maintain the high weight capacities. Normally if you put a hitch extension in a hitch and it's just sticking out freely it will not maintain the high weight capacity, it would actually reduce it by about fifty percent, but in this case if you use this with the super truss extension installed correctly it would maintain that higher weight capacity and it also will extend your hitch receiver out to clear the bed mounted camper. This hitch is sturdy steel construction. Has high penetration, dual shear welding to ensure strength and durability.

I'm going to turn it a little bit if you notice where the hitch pins are right around it on both sides, top and bottom, they actually have a reinforced area and it is also hardened and the reason they do that is it will help prevent any egging or elongation of the hitch pin holes. Lots of times if you put a shank in here and as your towing that shank moves back and forth with the hitch pin in it, it'll end up wearing on that hitch pin hole. To eliminate any problem like that they do reinforce and harden that area around there, it's a nice little feature that helps out. This is a bolt on installation, there's no welding required. I do want to show you .. I temporarily installed these end plates to give you an idea of what this hitch would look like installed, but if you noticed I couldn't put the bolts in all the way and the reason that was ...

see if I can get one out of here, I just want to show you the bolts you use to attach the cross member to the end plates if you'll they have a thicker or a little bit wider shoulder and then there's ridges or splines on there and the reason that they do that is when you go to put this together you'll just start it, tap it in there to get it started and then when you torque it down to specs it'll pull this bolt in and those splines would engage both the end plate and the cross member and it'll keep that bolt from moving or rotating in there so it gives a secure fit between both end plate and the cross member. The parts have a black power coat finish helps resist corrosion. If you look on th bottom here these openings right here, those are safety chain loops they're built in, you just take your safety chains off whateveryou're trailer you'retowing andhook them into there. Now it does come with the two hitch pins already installed here and the clips. Hitch locks we sell separately if needed. Comes with all the mounting hardware, the instructions, and it does come with this electrical connector plate.

Basically if you'll notice you put your electrical connector here and there's two holes here you can just bolt it, there's a little tab with holes here, you can bolt it right into there so you can have your electrical connector right next to the hitch pin receivers or the hitch receivers. This is custom fit for your vehicle, it is made in the USA, and again the receiver openings are two inch top and bottom. This is a class five rated hitch which means the gross trailer weight capacity on this, the maximum is fifteen thousand pounds, maximum tongue weight capacity is fifteen hundred pounds. Now if you do use this with weight distribution it would increase that gross trailer weight capacity to seventeen thousand pounds and that tongue weight maximum to seventeen hundred pounds. Cross tube dimensions on this is three and a half inches square and it does come with a lifetime warranty. That should do it for the review on part number TLC1204 the torque lift super hitch original class five trailer hitch receiver. .

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Wayne M.

Will this fit a 2008 Chevy 2500HD short box? If not, which model do I need?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

It will not. For your application you need the part # TLC1206 instead. If you have the factory trailer hitch it will need to be removed permanently for this to fit.

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