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TorkLift Trailer Hitch - Custom Fit Hitch - TLC1205 Review

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Review of Tork Lift Trailer Hitch TLC1205

Today, we're going to review part number TLC1205. This is the TorkLift SuperHitchOriginal Class V Dual Trailer Hitch Receiver. This is a custom fit model. This hitch is designed to fit the 2001 to 2010 Chevrolet and GMC2500 and 3500 HDSeriesLong Bed trucks. This heavy-duty hitch will let you tow heavy loads even when using a hitch extension or a weight distribution system that we sell separately. It is specifically designed to maintain the high-weight capacities when used on with the TorkLiftaccessories. If you notice here, it has a dual, two-inch, vertically-stacked receivers, two inch on top, two inch on bottom.

This will let you tow a trailer and use a hitch-mounted bike or cargo carrier at the same time. These receivers are compatible with industry-standard ball-mounted hitch accessories. This hitch is also a truck-camper-friendly design. The reason we say that is, when used with TorkLift accessories like the Tie Downs, you'll notice these end plates- Ido have theseput together with the end plates already installed. You'll see these holes right here on these end plates: there's one right here and one rightover here.

Those holes are drilled to accept the TorkLiftCamper Tie Downs which are sold separately. Also, when using a truck camper, sometimes, your camper might extend out over the rear of your truck bed. You can use the TorkLift SuperTruss Extensions that we sell separately. They run from anywhere from 21 inches long to 60 inches long. What those will do is you'll be able to insert those into the receivers here. It will extend out your hitch to clear the Bed-Mounted Camper.

The way it attaches is ituses a chain and a turnbuckle to give it support. When you do that, it will still maintain the high-weight capacity of the hitch. A lot of hitch extensions, when you just stick them into the receiver and they stick straight out without any support on them, they will reduce the weight capacity of fifty percent. TorkLift SuperTrussExtensions won't do that because the way they install. This hitch is a sturdy steel construction; has the high penetration dual shield welding which will ensure strength and durability. Their nice little feature I just want to show to you if Ican turn it a little bit.

If you'll noticeright around the hitch pinholes, there's a raised area. Just to show you, stick a pin throughhere. You'll notice that raised area, that is actually reinforced and hardened area around the pin holes: what that does is, when you go to tow something and you put it inhere, put your pin through here, when you're driving and towing, it's moving back and forth with a pin in it. It, over time, will elongate that hole. What they decided to do is reinforce that area around the hitchpin holes. That will eliminate the aging or the elongating of that hole. Very simple, little feature that helps out tremendously. This hitch is a bolt-on installation. No welding required. The finish on is a black powder coat finish tohelpresist corrosion. If you'll notice on the plate here rightat the bottom, there's the safety chain loops that are built-in. Allow you to hook your safety chains from your trailer to there. It does come with the mounting hardware, the instruction manual. Comes with the two pins, the two clips, and also comes with a electrical connector bracket that you can bolt on to the hitch to be able to hold your electrical connector right alongside the hitch. Also, what I've done is I've installed these end plates already but if you'll notice the bolts that are used to install the end plate in their cross tube, I couldn't put them in all the way. The reason that is, is because, if you look at the bolt, Ijust want to show you here, if you see that bolt, it actually has a thicker section, a shoulder right in there with splines on it. The reason they do that is, when you go to put it in there, you'll just tap it a little bit to get the spline started. When you put the nut on and torque it down to specs it will pull this bolt in there. The splines will keep the two pieces connected and they'll keep the bolt from rotating in there. It's a very nice idea when you're installing this. This is custom fit for your vehicle. It is made in the USA. Remember, it is a two inch on top and two inch on bottom. The rating on this is a Class V rating which means it has a maximum gross trailer weight capacity of 15,000 pounds and a maximum tongue weight capacity of 1,500 pounds. When you do use this hitch with weight distribution, it will increase to 17,000 pounds on the gross trailer weight, and 1,700 pounds on the maximum tongue weight. The cross tube right here itself is three and a half inches square. It does come with a lifetime warranty. That should do it for the review on part number TL C1205, the TorkLift SuperHitch Original Class V Dual Trailer Hitch Receiver. .

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