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Review of TorkLift Battery Boxes - Marine Battery Box,Trailer Battery Box,Camper Battery Box - TLA77

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TorkLift Battery Boxes - Marine Battery Box,Trailer Battery Box,Camper Battery Box - TLA7720RS Revie

Today we're gonna look at the TorkLift PowerArmor Solar Single Locking Battery Box. This is gonna be a great option for your enclosed trailer, marine trailer, really any time where you're gonna have your batteries mounted onto your trailer and you need to keep them secure. Not only is it gonna keep our batteries from being messed with, but it also is going to provide a solar panel on the top of our box to keep our batteries charged while we're traveling. This is going to maintain that charge to boost the life of our batteries, and it also helps to bring our batteries back from about 50% life. So if they're depleted pretty far down to about that 50% mark, we can bring them back to a full charge with our solar panel. That is permanently mounted to the top of our lid here.

We'll also have our wiring connection. It's gonna be a waterproof connection, so we don't have to worry about any shorts or anything like that. It's just a little plug that goes into the side of the box, and then if you are not using that you can always unplug it and put the little cap over the top to keep any water or debris from getting in there.Now, again, this top is going to be locking. It comes with two keys. If you lock the box, you can see we can't move our lid to take that off, so no one can get in there and mess with our batteries.

Unlock it, now we can slide it over, tip it back and remove it. You can see our screws there at the top holding our solar panel in place. We'll also have our wiring connection inside there. The one end is gonna have a ring terminal, that's gonna connect to our negative side of our battery and then this side with that little red and yellow connector is going to go to our fuse holder there. It comes to that fuse holder, and a 10 amp fuse so that we can make sure that we're protected there.

And then if I tip the box back, you can see that we'll have a hole at the back that's going to allow any wires to come out of the box. Makes it easy to route everything out. And then at the very bottom, we'll have a little felt pad for our batteries to sit on.Pull that back and see we'll have several slots in the bottom of that box, which are gonna serve a couple different purposes. It's gonna allow for venting, to keep any heat or gas buildup inside our box, and then it also allows a couple mounting positions for our batteries as well and for our box itself. We get an assortment of hardware to mount this up, whether it's on an A frame trailer or whatever we're mounting it to, along with a couple brackets to get it mounted up.

It does come with instructions listing out a couple options as far as the mounting position to make it a little easier to get that installed. Again, that comes with your kit. So we don't have to worry about our boxes overheating, our batteries overheating inside our box there. The built in tabs on the box, we're gonna make sure that that locks really securely into place and then this is gonna be made of a durable steel on these black portions, and then it's gonna have a heavy gauge bright tread diamond plate aluminum, so it's gonna make the box overall more lightweight than it would be if it was just solid steel, and that also is going to be rustproof.This product is made in the USA and as far as the dimensions, the outside going from the longest point here is gonna be 17 and three quarters of an inch long, and then eight and 13/16th inches wide, and 12 and seven 16th inches tall. The solar panel is gonna have a power of 10 watts, and this does have a limited lifetime warranty from TorkLift. So overall, this is gonna be a great addition to your trailer, whether it's a marine trailer or a boat trailer application, or really anything where you're out on the road to help keep your batteries safe and lasting for a long time. And that's gonna do it for our look at the TorkLift PowerArmor Solar Single Locking Battery Box.

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