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Review of TorkLift Camper Tie-Downs - Front Tie-Downs - TLD2141

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TorkLift Camper Tie-Downs - Front Tie-Downs - TLD2141 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the TorkLift custom front frame-mounted camper tie-downs. These are a custom fit part, they are designed to fit the 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 trucks with the 6-1/2 foot bed without a board or a step underneath the truck bed. On a custom fit part like this, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website and use the fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll show if this will work for your application.These tie-downs provide nice attachment points at the front of your truck for securing your bed-mounted camper to your vehicle. We do also sell the rear tie-downs to match these. They are sold separately on our website and are usually listed on this product page as a related product. With these tie-downs, you can feel dramatic improvement with your vehicle handling and stability.

It is the safest way to haul a truck camper, prevents any vehicle sway and camper movement in all directions. You can haul your truck camper confidently by attaching these tie-downs to the strongest part of your truck, which is the frame.The vehicle manufacturers do recommend that all full height slide-in camper bodies be directly attached to the vehicle frame structure. The frame-mounted design will ensure the excellent handling by securing your camper to the truck's base instead of its bed, which will better distribute the weight to keep the set-up from being too top heavy. It will help avoid any bed and bumper damage that's common with the other tie-down systems that are sold.To install these, it's a fast, no drill installation, securing your truck camper to your truck, and it also helps you maintain the value of your truck and prevent any rust and bed damage by avoiding drilling into your truck bed or bumper. These are custom fit for your vehicle.

The brackets are designed to fit tight to the truck frame so you have no loss of ground clearance, which will be perfect if you do any off-road truck camping.Once the tie-down inserts are removed, if they're not in use you can remove the inserts, and it'll give you a virtually undetectable system. In other words, the hidden design of these frame-mounted brackets will return your truck to its original look. What's nice is on the tie-down inserts, let me just take one out to show you, you move the pin, slide the insert out. If you notice, they have two holes on it. Those two holes will allow you to connect your turn buckles here and not interfere with anything on the vehicle.

So depending on your application, you can insert it into the first hole and it'll stick it out a little ways from the truck, and if you want to, you can slide it to the next hole, which will bring it a little bit closer. So depending on how your turn buckles are connected and your application, you can set it to whichever position you need. Once you get the hole lined up, then you just snap the pin in there to hold it into place. And then you're all ready to go, simple as that.Now, these are driver side and passenger side, and basically they do give you stickers that, once you install these, you can put them on here to label it so you know, because when you do take out your insert and insert it back in, you do want to make sure that the shorter side right here will always face the front of the truck. So this will be on the driver side, which I'll show you that that's going to face the front of the truck, and this will be on the passenger side, and that short side will face the front of the truck.These are steel construction with black powder coat finish for durability.

It includes everything laid out here on the table, the two rear tie-down inserts, the frame brackets, all the necessary hardware to install it, a nice set of detailed instructions. These parts are made in the USA.That should do it for the review on the TorkLift custom front frame-mounted camper tie-downs.

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