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Review of TorkLift Camper Tie-Downs TLS9526-2-LK

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles for Frame-mounted Camper Tie-downs. Standard turnbuckles are going to have to be manually tightened, which can be a bit of a chore. The Torklift FastGun Handles eliminate that difficult step. The turnbuckles are going to secure your camper to the tie-downs mounted on your truck. I do have these partially assembled. That way, you can get a better idea how the unit looks, and how it's going to work. It's going to feature the lever-action handle.

That's going to make the turnbuckles very easy to operate. In the open position . It's going to be fully open . this is when you would connect the units to your application. Then, as you close the handle, you can see this bottom portion raise up, which is really going to compress or tighten down the two anchor points.

That's going to allow for your nice, secure connection, so very easy to operate. Push down on the handle once the hooks are in place, to tighten all the way. Then when you're ready to release, all you've got to do is pop the handle up. It's really that simple. It going to feature a spring-loaded design, so that's going to relieve stress on the tie-down points. This unit does come with your pins to secure the handles in place, ensuring that your tie-down system remains tight and secure.

This is a four pack, so you're going to get four FastGun tie-downs. Another benefit of this system is that, not only does it come with the pins, but for additional security and peace of mind, it's going to come with the four locks that can be used in place of the pins. That's going to help more effectively lock the system down. It's going to come with your four locks, and four keys. They're all going to be keyed alike.

The unit's going to be constructed of a high-impact, polished, stainless steel construction. It's very durable and rustproof. It's going to come with four quick-connects to make hooking up much easier. The product's made right here in the U.S.A. Now real quick, I just want to go over a run-down of the things I don't have assembled. The Torklift, each one, the FastGun's going to consist of the main body, which is going to be the stainless steel piece; your lever, right here; and the hook. Then, you're going to have the other hook. That's going to be a threaded rod that runs through here. On top of the threaded rod, if you can see in there, you're going to have a square nut that holds everything in place. On top of that, you're going to have a locknut, well. You want to be sure to get that fully tightened down. In between the square nut and the locknut, that's where this thick, flat washer, or spacer's going to go in place. That's a rubber construction. That's going to help for a nice, tight fit. It's also going to add some protection from the elements. Each set-up is going to be different. Your application would be different from mine. To make sure that you have these set up according to your application, it's going come with these spacers, right here. Again, rubber construction, it's just an O-ring. Once you have the unit set, you can place the O-ring in place on the threaded rod according to the included instructions. That's going to be like an indicator for your particular set-up. It's a really nice design. It's also going to come with your end caps that go right here at the top, right above that locknut that I was showing you. That's going to seal up that cylinder from the top. That's just some of the parts that it comes with. Again, I do have it partially assembled. These are going to give you a reach of 25" to 43". They're designed for frame-mounted tie-downs for truck campers. They're going to be covered with a life-time warranty. When setting these up for the first time, you want to do so according to the included instructions. Once you have the unit set up for your application, using the system, again, it's going to be very easy. All you have to do is hook one end of the turnbuckle onto your camper. That's going to be here at the top with the lever. Then hook the other end to the camper tie-downs that are mounted to your truck's frame. Again, to tighten, all you have to do is have that open, connect your hooks, and then close that lever. That's really all there is to it. Just flip the lever-action handles down, and it's that simple. Now when you reach your campsite and you're ready to set up, all you have to do is remove the pins or the locks in this case, and flip the FastGun handles up to release the tension on the turnbuckles. When the tension is released, you can quickly and easily remove the turnbuckles, and activate your jacks, and set up your camper. The quick-release feature is also great if one of the attached turnbuckles covers the truck's fuel tank door. Sometimes that can be a tedious job just to get a turnbuckle off just to fuel up your vehicle, but with these, all you have to do is pop the FastGun handle up, unhook the turnbuckles, and that what you can move it out of the way. Then you're ready to fuel up and get back on the road. That's going to do it for today's look at the Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles for Frame-mounted Camper Tie-downs.

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